03 Mar 2017
digital strategy plan

What does the Government’s digital strategy plan mean for the tech sector?

With the long-awaited digital strategy plan finally being unveiled by Karen Bradley, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, we have seen a new future for the tech sector in the UK following Brexit.

The government has put a great emphasis on all things tech this year, with £17.3million set aside for AI and robotics research, it’s clear to see the government are understanding the importance of the tech sector within the UKs digital future.

With the government’s plans to keep the UK at the forefront of the digital revolution, it is sure to see positive impacts within the tech industry. With the government on the side of the techies, we can already see this year is going to be a year of growth and expansion for the tech sector.


Building world-class digital infrastructure for the UK

This year’s digital plan has shown the government taking more of a holistic view surround the digital and tech sectors.

With a deeper look at the consumer – household and businesses – needs and want as they go about their lives where they live, work and travel in this digital age the government digital plan is considering the wider society and how the UK as a whole can and will be impacted by the digital era.

For all tech businesses out there, world-class digital connectivity is vital. For example, in a CBA survey, 81% of firms said that they see more reliable mobile connectivity as essential.

The government has stated that now more than ever they need to support tech businesses to grow and compete in a global environment, and to reach new customers and markets online.


Making the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a digital company

A bold but exciting statement for many startups and tech companies within the UK.

With the government reiterating the previous funds from the Autumn statement, and raising an AI review with a commitment to put expert teams in the UK embassies in five developing countries.

The partnership with UK Tech Hub Israel, that focusses on driving collaboration, skills, innovation and tech along with forging a deeper more strategic commercial and research relationship is going to bring a helping hand to tech companies all around the UK. Whether startup or not, this government initiative is going to be a great benefit to all tech companies.


Free digital skills training

Many jobs have a digital element now and it is predicted that within 20 years, 90% of all jobs will require some element of digital skills.

The government have announced their plans to partner with some of the UK’s biggest employers and companies, which will offer free digital skills training “opportunities” to people who need them.

Partnering with the likes of Apple, Sky, Microsoft, Samsung, Lloyd’s, Barclays and Cisco, who will contribute to the government’s new Digital Skills Partnership, which collates all of that outside help and matches people with the training they need.

If you’re a tech startup in the UK then what great news, not only are the government putting in money to support startups and the tech sector but partnering with industry leaders and putting in time to help create and expand in the tech industry itself.

These training sessions will be run by all kinds of tech leaders and will span across a wide range of digital and tech subjects. Free Digital training sessions will help us to equip and educate while learning from the best.


FinTech taking the platform

The report also announced plans to launch a new competition to spark the development of new FinTech products to build on the country’s existing financial technology systems.

If you’re a FinTech company out there and you’re wondering how this can impact your business, make sure to get involved with all they have to offer.


Artificial intelligence and robotics

The government are conducting independent reviews into robotics, VR and AI to understand the importance each of these play in the tech world.

Professor Dame Wendy Hall, Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton, and Jerome Pesenti, CEO of BenevolentTech, will look at the best ways to boost skills, lure talent and provide investment in the artificial intelligence industry.
It has also been announced that the government want to support the UK’s burgeoning VR and AR sectors, giving companies the ammunition to push their creations to a global audience.

Making the UK the safest place in the world to live and work online.
With the government acknowledging the increasing uptake of internet-based technologies worldwide and the significant advantages to connected societies such as ours, they are keen to make sure it stay as an advantage.They have realised that as technology grows, so do the opportunities for those who would seek to compromise our systems and data.

They have realised that as technology grows, so do the opportunities for those who would seek to compromise our systems and data.

We like the look of all these suggestions, it’s great to see the government getting behind the tech world and seeing the positive impacts it can have on society. Keep your eyes peeled as the Luminous team will be on top of this subject as it continues to unfold.