26 Sep 2017
Norfolk Developers Magazine AI special

We’re in Norfolk Developers Magazine!

September’s issue of the Norfolk Developers Journal – the AI special – features an article from our brand communications manager, Melissa. 

In it, Melissa takes a look at AI in business, and the impact it can have on employees.

Despite constant reassurance to the contrary, the fear of ‘robots stealing our jobs’ is as pervasive as ever. One report from Udemy found that fear of losing your job to AI is the number one cause of stress among US employees. However, as Melissa says in her article:

“Change can be scary, and that’s ok. But, we think AI in the workforce is nothing to be afraid of”.

Click here to read the article in full in Norfolk Developers Magazine.

Thanks to the editor and team for pulling together yet another great issue; we can’t wait to read the next one!