21 Feb 2017

Using social media to support tech PR: 5 top tips

Social media is continuing to grow bigger and better than ever before. With no signs of stopping, businesses are becoming more and more digital along with it. We’ve been speaking to our social media specialists to pick their brains on how social media can be used to maximise tech PR activity.

Whether you’re here because you’re starting up or you’ve been around a while, these 5 top tips are sure to get your tech company booming.


Create a plan

We all know creating a business plan is important, so why do brands often forget to do this for their social media?

A thorough plan will help ensure your social media activity has direction and purpose, and save you precious time.

Start by looking at your current social media (if any) and figuring out what you want to achieve. Are you looking to grow your following; create new business leads; network or just create general brand awareness? Once this has been established you can start to look at when, what, and where you need to be posting.

Creating a structure and a plan will help your whole team to be on the same page and work together to get the best results.


Follow relevant leaders in the tech industry

You might be used to following relevant and exciting influencers in your personal use of social media, but haven’t thought to include in your professional social media strategy.

Following the latest tech trends and tech leaders on social media helps us to create a pathway to connect with the people we might not always get a chance to otherwise.

Creating a connection and interaction with these people helps us to keep up to date with the latest tech trends. Sharing tech news relevant to your sector will ensure your brand’s social media is recognised within the tech world as a valuable source of information for techie audiences.

With all those thousands of people watching the big names daily, that’s the perfect place to get yourself seen. Be sure to mention or tag them in any relevant posts. there’s the chance they’ll share your content, helping it to be seen by even more people.



Interacting with followers and customers is a big part of all social platforms; being connected to your target audience creates a relationship that wouldn’t be possible without these platforms.

People will use this space to connect and keep up to date with all that’s going on with your tech company, so it’s a great place to show your personality and create a direct relationship with your customers.

No matter how small or large, this will always be key to growing your business.

People love to feel like they know you and have built a relationship with the company, in turn continuing with customer retention and loyalty.



Customers LOVE consistency.

Whether they realise it or not, people love knowing what’s coming. It will help them feel that they know your brand a little better, creating a personal feel to your company and social platforms.

Consistency can run through many aspects of your social media from the dates and times of the post, right through to the content that you post.

If your audience knows what time you usually post content, they’re much more likely to spot that amazing bit of tech PR coverage you share on social media. Creating traction and excitement around your brand helping spread the word.

Keeping your content consistent means making sure your brand is followed through and your message clear in each post. This helps people to know what you’re about, people know what they are going to get from you.

All of this consistency helps to gain the right audience, building up a following of people excited and ready to engage. And we all know engagement means growth…


Hashtags #

OK, I’m pretty sure we all know what hashtags are, but do we really know the importance? Is it just something we use because we’ve seen it around, or do you really know how it can it be used to help your business grow?

A hashtag brings your post to the attention of an engaged audience: not including hashtags means you’re not pushing your content to a targeted audience. Think of hashtags as your keywords: anything that is relevant to your tech business or your current post will work. Make sure you keep up to date with any trending hashtags, and use any that could be relevant to your business too.

Carefully reviewing what hashtags are working for you and what hashtags are creating the right traction is key. Remember to have fun with it: enjoy trying out and creating your own hashtags, and don’t lose your personality!


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