16 Jun 2017
travel tech

Top 5 travel tech gadgets you NEED this summer!

Here comes the sun! 

Here at Luminous PR, we love the summer. The only thing we love more than a perfect day spent outside is some tech to go with it. 
We’ve brainstormed together to create a list of our favourite travel tech’s you won’t catch us without.
Keep on reading to find out the top 5 travel technologies to perfect your holiday. 
The number one thing people won’t leave the house without is their mobile phone. (Especially now even our wallet is on there.)
We all know the feeling when we see something cool – go to take a snap and get hit by the hard reality that our phone is dead! 
With this solar powered battery pack, you will never miss a snap again. 
With festivals, a Luminous favourite, a solar powered battery pack fits all our needs.
No longer do you need to worry about not keeping up with your Insta stories while dancing away!
With this solar powered battery keep your phone topped up without electricity.
Also, no adapter? No worries. It’s solar powered function allows you to take this baby anywhere you go (sun permitting) and never be out of battery again. 
2. BlueSmart Travel Case. 
Everyone needs a case. Whether you’re a light packer or prefer to take the kitchen sink away with you, it’s certain you’ll need something to put it all in.
We have all fallen short of case malfunctions, be it lost or overweight luggage, leaving shoes stranded at the check.
With this case, you’ll never be stuck again. 
This is not only a case but a charger; scales; lock & GPS. What more could anybody want?
With Bluesmart case there’s not need to reweigh your case each time you add an item. The Bluesmart has an inbuilt scale. Saving time and stress on either end of the holiday.
Lost luggage? A thing of the past with blue smart’s inbuilt GPS tracker linked straight to an app.
If your perfect holiday is a city break, then this is for you!
If you love to work out and want to make sure you keep fit while away, your Fitbit Alta will help you keep track of your gains. Fitbit Alta will record all your steps, calories, miles and other metrics.
I love being in a new city, walking around until I get lost. Walking is one of the best ways to find authentic and real attractions. So why not keep track while you wander? 
The LED screen gives you at-a-glance progress updates. With On-screen notifications from your smartphone, you can make sure you’re on target.
Alta is also splash-proof too, so don’t worry about the waves – count calories as you paddle!
Here at Luminous, we’re not just tech lovers but book lovers too.
If you’re on a relaxing beach holiday then it’s easy to whiz through plenty of books during your stay. We’ve all had the struggle of wanting to have enough books but not having enough weight in our case.
Worries are gone because the Kindle is here to save the day. 
This is why we LOVE our Kindles! We can take as many books as we like away with us and never run out of pages.
With its thin and light design, it’s super handy and compact for that all important journey.
The no glare, high contrast touchscreen display eliminates glare in any setting. (Even direct sunlight) So relax and get a tan without squinty eye tan lines.
The Kindle battery lasts weeks, not hours. So you won’t need to worry if you’re on the move.
The Kindle doesn’t need the power to maintain a page of text, allowing you to read for weeks on a single charge.
We all love a good holiday pic. Legs by the pool, sunset going down whatever your preference.
Sometimes taking a heavy camera isn’t practical. If you’re by the pool do you want to risk dropping your phone in? 
With the GoPro, you can make sure wherever your holiday takes you, you’ll be sure to capture the moment.
You can take it into the sea; in the pool; on rollercoasters and more. Point and aim, easy and simple to use with great results.
With the Go Pro being so compact it’s easy to take without taking up precious room in your case. Easy to transport and easy to use, what more could someone need from their holiday camera?
Let’s get out there!

Wherever your summer takes you make sure to keep us in the loop with your holiday snaps and travels on social by tagging us at @LuminousPR.

Have a great holiday!