17 Oct 2017
The Luminous List | October 2017

The Luminous List | October 2017

Autumn is well and truly underway, and we couldn’t be happier! In between chugging hot chocolate and planning our Halloween costumes (we predict zombie Taylor Swift is going to be this year’s most popular), we’ve been keeping an eye on the trending tech and media topics to make the news this month.

As well as being the spookiest time of year, October is also conference season, so we’ve been out and about for loads of different events. It’s been a busy month, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Keep reading for the full Luminous List…


Hot stuff ?

Festival of Marketing 2017 

At the start of the month, we popped our FOM cherry – and it certainly lived up to the hype!

Hosted at the gorgeous Tobacco Dock in London, Festival of Marketing is an immersive gathering of over 200 speakers and almost 5,000 delegates. As well as a fantastic lineup of speakers (including the iconic Stephen Fry), the festival also housed loads of demos, workshops, and plenty of opportunities to meet other marketers and exciting brands.

We only managed to get to the festival for one day this year, so we didn’t even experience half of what was on – there’s just so much to see and do! However, these are a few of our highlights:

  • Our absolute favourite bit at this year’s Festival of Marketing was Impero‘s session titled ‘How to make branded content people actually care about’. Micheal Scantlebury, creative director at Impero, boiled down content marketing success into three simple steps. According to Michael, just 5% of content generates 95% of all engagement online. For brands to earn their place in that top 5%, he offers just three simple steps: let people talk about themselves, make people feel part of something, and surprise people with something exciting. It may sound obvious, but it can be all too easy to forget about the audience on the receiving end of your content and just focus on pushing your message. Michael has certainly given us some food for thought!
  • Our good friends, Foolproof, took to the Customer Experience stage to share their experience of working with Suzuki. Moving car-buyers from the digital channel into a visit to a dealership is a big moment in the customer journey towards a sale. Creative director at Foolproof, Rob Varney, shared his insight on how they worked with Suzuki to get inside their customers’ heads, resulting in more test-drives booked.
  • Keen to shake off their overly-corporate image, LinkedIn put in a lot of effort with their ‘learning lab’. As well as bite-sized learning sessions, there was also an awful lot of dry ice and creative cocktail making to develop the laboratory theme. We particularly enjoyed their session on sales and marketing alignment. According to LinkedIn’s research, encouraging sales and marketing teams to work together is imperative for success. 67% of businesses achieved a better understanding of their customers when sales and marketing work together. They also found that a customer who has seen a sponsored LinkedIn post is 25% more likely to open an InMail from a sales rep at the same company. However, there were a couple of suggestions that had us rolling our eyes a little. Apparently, there are companies out there with sales and marketing teams that have never even met. Who are these people?! Apart from that, it was a very interesting session. Click here for LinkedIn’s full research on sales and marketing alignment.

We had a brilliant time at Festival of Marketing, but we feel like we barely even scratched the surface. Schedules permitting, we hope to go back next year for the full Festival of Marketing experience!


Our new favourite app: Yoyo wallet 

While we’re on the subject, one of the best things about Festival of Marketing is that it allows you to meet loads of exciting people and businesses. Just one of the exciting businesses we had the pleasure of meeting was Yoyo: a smart wallet app, improving the shopping experience for both customers and retailers.

After meeting the lovely Yoyo team, we decided to check out the hype and download the app. From a usability perspective, we love how simple it is to get the Yoyo app and running. All you have to do is take a photo of your bank card – no entering fiddly details here! Once you’re all set up, Yoyo is ready to go for quick mobile payments, loyalty schemes, and vouchers. That’s our favourite bit about Yoyo – it’s compatible with loads of different retailers, so it takes away the need for multiple retailer apps – or worse, loyalty cards! While there are loads of – pretty good – customer and loyalty apps out there, Yoyo is the best one-stop-shop we’ve seen.

So far, we’ve just been using it to pay for our morning coffees on the go, but we’re definitely going to branch out to pay for other things. Keep up the good work, Yoyo!


CluedUpp: city-wide murder mystery 

You know we love tech – that’s old news by now. You may not know, however, that some of us are a little bit obsessed with mysteries, crime stories, and anything a little bit spooky.

We were super excited, then, to see that CluedUpp will be running a city-wide murder mystery challenge in Norwich this month – and it’s all powered by tech. On Saturday 28 October, dozens of Sherlock Holmes wannabes will take to the streets of Norwich to investigate a mysterious murder. Armed with nothing more than a smartphone and the CluedUpp app, expect to see mystery-solvers walking around glued to their phone, Pokemon Go style.

We love that Pokemon Go merges the physical and the digital and encourages more people to get outside. CluedApp is even better, as it encourages teamwork too! We’ll be keeping one eye on social media over the weekend – we don’t want to miss the pictures!


Social media superstars: the Great British Bake Off 

We’ve always been fans of the Great British Bake Off, and we’ve always thought they did their social media pretty well. However, since the show’s famous/infamous move over to Channel 4, its social media game has been through the roof.

If you want to see an exciting and intensely sharable social media campaign, check out @BritishBakeOff on Twitter. It’s not just retweeted content from viewers, either. The stream, managed by the show’s producers, Love Productions, shares regular and original content based on the show that week. Even better, they tie the content in with trending hashtags, celebrations, and days of the week. 

Compared to other years, it also seems like more of the show’s contestants have their own public social media presence too. We suspect that some social media training might have been organised…! While the show might have lost a little of that BBC magic, we’re always excited to see TV shows making clever use of social. Keep it up!



Just because. It’s spooky, it’s fun, and it’s magical – what’s not to love?!

We particularly enjoy the spooky Twitter username thing. If you’ve not seen it, it basically is just changing your Twitter username to make it more spooky. Simple as. The Verge describes it as “one of Twitter’s most enduring traditions” and “Halloween’s best meme”. We’re not sure about that, but we like it all the same.

As the witching hour approaches, we’ll be sharing some spooky content and pictures…. Keep your eyes peeled!


And finally… the Bad Stuff ? 

While we had a lovely time at the Festival of Marketing (we’ll stop talking about it soon, we promise), it did get us thinking about conferences done badly.

One thing that conference exhibitors can be guilty of is overloading visitors with tacky and wasteful promotional items. It can be too easy to pick up items you don’t really need, only to throw them away when you arrive back at the office. While we try to be conscientious about what we bring home, we can’t help worry about the environmental impact of conference delegates binning unwanted promotional swag. And what about the items that don’t get distributed – do they get dumped too? Let’s all just agree to be a little less wasteful, and a little more careful!

Let’s all agree to be a little less wasteful, and a little more careful – both at conferences and in our daily lives!


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