23 Nov 2017
The Luminous List | November 2017

The Luminous List | November 2017

As always, it’s been a busy month for the Luminous PR team. In between countless meetings and events, we’ve been keeping an eye on the trending tech, media, and marketing topics to make the news this month.

As a tech PR agency, it’s unsurprising that the freshest gadgets never fail to turn our heads. But, we can’t be the only ones to wonder why there have been so many iOS updates this month?! According to Forbes, the series of software updates for Apple products is to patch up problems that have emerged since the launch of the iPhone X. It’s not over yet, either. Forbes goes on to state that a series of small updates is usual in the run-up to a bigger system update – iOS 11.2 will be hitting our gadgets early December. Been ignoring that notification the corner of your screen for a month? Here’s why it’s important to keep your gadgets up to date.

We also had to mention the imminently approaching Black Friday. UK shoppers are predicted to spend a whopping £10 billion on Black Friday – but we’re still not sold as to whether that’s a good or bad thing. If there’s a pricey tech item you’ve had your eye on for a while, Black Friday is a good opportunity to pick it up for just a fraction of the price. However, in general, we can’t help but feel that the UK’s new obsession with Black Friday is a bit over-whelming and unnecessary. Especially since we don’t generally celebrate Thanksgiving. We’re not surprised that trends like #NoSpendNovember are emerging in reaction to this extreme shopping obsession.

But… we digress. Now on the Luminous List!


Hot stuff ?

‘Jerk boyfriend’ meme’s backstory 

Stick with us on this one. If you’ve spent any kind of time on social media, you’ve probably seen the ‘jerk boyfriend’ meme in one form or another. You know the one:

distracted jerk boyfriend meme

And our personal favourite:

distracted jerk boyfriend henry viii

Well, someone found the original stock image, as well as a load of equally-funny pictures of the love triangle from the same shoot. Andrew J Abernathy (@ajabernathy), who found the stock images, used them to create a fictional backstory which he then shared on Twitter. As funny as this is, we probably would have missed it if it hadn’t been picked up by Twitter’s ‘moments’ feature. 

Honestly, we’ve always felt a little unsure about Twitter’s ‘moments’: why do they email us every day? Does anyone actually read them? However, the ‘jerk boyfriend’s’ backstory gave us a giggle when it landed in our inbox, so we won’t be unsubscribing this week.

You can – and should – check out ‘jerk boyfriend’s’ personal story here.


The John Lewis Christmas ad

Just like everyone else in the country, we waited for the John Lewis Christmas advert with eager anticipation. While Moz the Monster is heart-warming, in our opinion he doesn’t quite compare to last year’s Buster the Boxer.

However, we were impressed with the integrated experience produced alongside the advert. Families with a Google Home device can have Moz the Monster’s story read to them, with the opportunity to personalise the story and interact with Moz too.

As well as the cute monster emoji that appears when users tweet about #MoztheMonster, John Lewis have teamed up with Facebook to allow users to create an AI monster selfie for their profile picture. In ten John Lewis stores around the UK, there’s even a Monster Maker station, that allows users to take a monster selfie and share the results to social media.

However, the ad campaign – which was produced by creative agency Adam & Eve DDB – has seen its share of controversy. Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell, has claimed that John Lewis plagiarised his 1986 children’s book, Mr Underbed.

While he has decided not to sue John Lewis, Chris Riddell’s complaint is concerning – though it’s not the first time a large brand has been accused of plagiarism. It’s not all bad news, though. The row has given Riddell’s Mr Underbed an unexpected sales boost – just in time for Christmas.


The Travel Technology Show

One of our biggest highlights from the last month was the Travel Technology Show in London. Hosted at London’s ExCel as part of the World Travel Market, the Travel Tech Show was a celebration and showcase of all the ways technology is innovating the travel industry.

Our senior PR exec, Alexandra, headed to the show – and she wasn’t disappointed. Here are just a few of her key takeaways from the event:

  • Chatbots definitely could be influential in the hotel industry, by providing a warmer service to travellers looking to discover new hotels. 
  • Travel brands need to diversify how they use social media channels – seeing an increase in people wanting to ‘live in the now’ so channels like FB Live and Periscope are becoming part of the strategy and influencing now.
  • Next year, there will be a new event to run alongside WTM that will focus purely on tech. The Travel & Hospitality Innovation Summit will bring together suppliers and buyers (travel related) who are tasked with delivering on strategies and employing tech and applications. This sounds really exciting! 
  • UK is in for a rail revolution!! Impact of aviation on climate plus congested road networks means more people will be turning to rail travel and ‘stay-cations’ when they need to get away. 

A full write up of Alexandra’s time at WTM is coming soon, but in the meantime, you can follow her on Twitter to keep up to date on her musings and insight.


Sync the City 

Norwich’s favourite hackathon, Sync the City, opens in Norwich later today! Attracting the best of regional tech talent, avid entrepreneurs make teams to create and launch a startup in 54 hours.

After pitching their innovative new startups to the judges, teams can be in with a chance of winning £3,000 to divide between themselves. There’s also a £1,000 people’s choice award decided by public vote.

Speaking of judges, our CEO – Kirsty – is helping to judge this year’s Sync the City competition. Along with fellow judges Ian Watson (Startrite Shoes), Chris Sargisson (Norfolk Chamber of Commerce), Wayne Taylor (Thyngs), and Juliana Meyer (Supapass), Kirsty will be keeping an eye out for a winner.

You can keep up to date with the action by following @SyncNorwich on Twitter: they’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #SynctheCity.


And finally… the Bad Stuff ?

Though we’re usually a united bunch, a divide is starting to emerge among the Luminous PR team. There’s a big question we just can’t seem to agree on: is it too early to start getting into the festive spirit?

Kirsty, Melissa, and Alexandra say YES… Yasmin and Emma will start playing Christmas music if you leave them alone in the office.

However, we can safely assure you that as soon our calendar rolls over to December, we will be getting into the festive spirit in full force!


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