11 Jan 2018
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The Luminous List | January 2018

Business as usual 

The Christmas holidays can do funny things to you – some of us barely remembered how to get to work on 2 January. It’s only taken us a week and a half, but we’re finally getting back into the swing of things here at Luminous PR. We can remember our passwords, we’ve figured out where we stashed the biscuits, and we’re raring to get started with a fresh year of tech PR. It’s early days, but 2018 already looks like it’s going to be a corker. Here’s what we’re excited about this January…


Hot Stuff ?

Welcome to 2018! 

First thing’s first, we’d like to wish a (slightly belated) Happy New Year to all our clients, partners, prospects, and friends. Thank you to everyone who supported us in 2017, and we hope we’re able to return the favour in the coming year.

Like all good writers, we try to avoid cliches. However, we’re still a sucker for the new year and its promise of opportunity. With some carefully thought-out resolutions, a new calendar, and a whole load of inspiration, we think 2018 will be bigger and better than ever.

If you want to make a change for your business this year but don’t know where to start, maybe we can help.

We’re big advocates of getting out there, and meeting people face-to-face. If your networking skills are feeling a little dry and outdated, why not make it your resolution to go to one or two relevant industry events this year?

Perhaps this year will be the one where you finally get around to properly shouting about the innovation happening in your business. If your comms needs a boost, try our most popular post: What is a PR campaign? If you want to get your marketing sorted before you go to the media, you might like our Introduction to content marketing.

If neither of these is quite what you’re after, don’t worry: we’ll be sharing loads of helpful content over the next few weeks to kick-start your comms in 2018. Watch this space!


CES 2018 

While we’re on the subject of events, we couldn’t help but mention the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is currently taking place in Las Vegas.

Running from 9 – 12 January, CES is the world’s largest consumer technology event. Every year, over 184,279 people head to the Nevada-based conference and tech show to see the year’s hottest product launches and hear from some of the world’s most influential tech innovators.

There’s simply too much going on to give you a full rundown of the event, but here are a few of the biggest stories from CES that caught our attention:

  • Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, went off-script to complain about US carriers at the end of a mumbly presentation. Although Huawei is the third biggest smartphone producer in the world, US mobile carriers will not agree to work with the Chinese mobile firm, meaning Huawei cannot properly establish itself in the US. Speaking about a deal with a US mobile carrier that recently fell through, Yu said: “it’s a big loss for consumers because they don’t have the best choice for devices.”
  • According to TechRadar, camera companies have been conspicuous by their absence at this year’s CES.
  • Chris Baraniuk, tech correspondent at the BBC, says the fight is getting fierce between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant at this year’s CES. We’ll take front-row seats, please!
  • The Verge reports that wireless charging pads held a strong presence at this year’s CES, thanks to the launch of the iPhone X at the end of last year.

Want to watch just one video of this year’s CES? We couldn’t help but laugh at this malfunctioning robot that refuses to obey the commands of its demonstrator.

CES runs until 12 January, so there’s still plenty of time for more exciting tech developments. Keep up-to-date with CES 2018 on Twitter.


Tech predictions for 2018 

Since everyone with a blog seems to be sharing their tech predictions for 2018, we thought we’d jump in and do the same…

  • This will be the year we all really understand Bitcoin and Blockchain. We predicted this last year, too, but it hasn’t happened yet. While we have a bit of an idea of what it’s all about, it’s a complicated subject and we’d like to know more. We think Blockchain and Bitcoin will be big news this year, and impossible to avoid. In the meantime, if anyone would like to explain it to us, that would be great…
  • We haven’t heard the last of GDPR. Though time is running out for those businesses that need to prepare for the legislation coming into force, we think we’ll be hearing about the implications for a long time to come.
  • Back in December, US politicians voted to end net neutrality. This means that Internet Service Providers are technically now allowed to discriminate against internet users, based on the types of content they’re accessing. Online communities are – understandably – very peed off about this. We’re expecting to see more protests about the decision in the coming year, especially as US web users begin to feel the consequences.
  • We’ll all start to feel more comfortable with the role of AI in business.

Got a prediction for how tech in 2018 will shape up? We’d love to hear it!


East Anglia in the spotlight 

Although you can usually find at least half of the Luminous team in London on any given day, we have no plans to shirk our East Anglian roots anytime soon. Our head office is based in the picturesque city of Norwich, and we’re always delighted to see the rest of the region shine.

It may be at the far reaches of East Anglia, but we loved seeing UK Tech News’s in-depth supplement on the tech scene in Colchester. It was the UK’s first proper city, and the capital long before London was around. With a top university, tons of digital tech firms, and quick links to London, the town is on a mission to be the best-connected place in the East of England. Although we don’t see feisty little Norwich giving up on that title without a fight, Colchester’s close proximity to London does, perhaps, give it a little advantage.

Click here to download UKTN’s Colchester supplement. For those of you who want to keep abreast of tech development’s in the East of England, don’t forget to check out TechEast’s monthly tech roundup in UKTN!


Fire and Fury controversy 

While digital news and media may be our one true love, we’re still partial to an old-school print or publishing scandal. This month, almost everyone is talking about the new US political book, Fire and Fury.

Published in early January, Fire and Fury paints a chaotic and unflattering picture of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and his White House administration. Author and journalist, Michael Wolff, says Trump granted him access to the White House to write the book because he liked a previous article by Woolf. However, Trump has since claimed that he did not grant Wolff any access, and is violently refuting the book’s claims. The BBC reports that Trump has called the book a work of “fiction” and the author is a “fraud”.

If you’re not sure what the fuss is all about, here are a couple of choice quotes…



See also:

“Melania Trump, who had been assured by her husband that he wouldn’t become president, could return to inconspicuously lunching. Losing would work out for everybody. Losing was winning. Shortly after 8 p.m. on Election Night, when the unexpected trend — Trump might actually win — seemed confirmed, Don Jr. told a friend that his father, or DJT, as he calls him, looked as if he had seen a ghost. Melania was in tears — and not of joy.”

Fire and Fury is already a smash hit, topping numerous book charts and making headlines in news outlets around the world. According to reports, the book has sold out at many retailers, and some people are accidentally buying a different book called Fire and Fury. Though Trump has hosted a press conference to further deny the claims, we don’t think this will be the end of the drama for Fire and Fury.


Not hot ?

Apple flaws 

Last week, researchers revealed that millions of iPhones, iPads, and Macs are affected by a chip flaw that makes them vulnerable to security threats. While Apple quickly responded with a number of patches and updates to solve the problem, we can’t help but feel a little disappointed. Especially following the news regarding iPhone battery flaws posted at the end of last year. If the chip flaws hadn’t been identified by researchers, would Apple have remained quiet? We may be loyal brand fans, but our confidence has been a little dented…


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