28 Aug 2018
Iced donuts on a board with copy: The Luminous List

The Luminous List | August 2018

Too much of a good thing

After a few too many sweaty train journeys and stuffy meeting rooms, we can’t help but feel quietly pleased things have cooled off a bit. That said, we’re still deadset on stringing out the summery vibes well into Autumn — just you watch us.

The heat may have gone to our heads a tiny bit, but we’re still hustlin’ our way through the weeks. In between the press releases, client meetings, and social media campaigns, here are the stories doing the rounds at Luminous HQ this month…


Hot Stuff ?

Bake Off is back!

Dust off your cake tins and assemble yourself a bain-marie: the Great British Bake Off is returning to our screens on Tuesday 28 August!

The ninth series of the nation’s favourite baking show is the second batch to appear on Channel 4 since the Beeb lost the contract in 2016.

Want to get to know this year’s contestants before the series starts? We’ve been scrutinising this gif with eagle-eyed detail…

As well as the top-notch telly entertainment, we’re always impressed with Bake Off’s sterling social media presence. We particularly enjoy the cheeky innuendos and cake gifs – who knew baking could be so saucy? You can keep up with this year’s soggy-bottomed drama by following @BritishBakeOff, @Channel4 and #GBBO.

We have to say it: the series isn’t quite the same without Mel, Sue, and Mary Berry. However, Prue, Noel, and Sandi are doing an excellent job and have earned themselves a soft spot in our gooey, melt-in-the-middle hearts.


Next step: world domination

Earlier this month we were delighted by some unexpected news: the Luminous PR blog has been referenced in a book!

Myths of PR by Rich Leigh was published in 2017, and sets out to debunk some of the most common misconceptions about PR. Including the pervasive notion that “all press is good press”.

The blog that Rich Leigh featured in his book is an early one from the Luminous PR archives. Published in 2015, ‘Debunking the Top 5 PR Myths‘ does exactly what it says on the tin.

As well as dispelling the myth that ‘all PR is good PR’, our blog post covers other fallacies to perpetuate our industry. For example, “PR always equals press releases,” and “PR will make my business famous overnight”. We’d like to thank Rich Leigh for featuring us in his book – you really put a smile on our faces this week.

And more good news: we’ve had an article published in Norfolk Developers Magazine! As part of their youth and EduTech special, we explore why tech businesses need to prioritise creating a learning culture.

It’s no secret that tech giants like Google invest millions in providing learning opportunities for their staff. The company hosts world-class lectures for its staff, and their recruitment page even proclaims lifelong learning “inherently Googley”. Learning at work is linked to happier and healthy staff, greater levels of productivity, and even increased innovation.

Download the September issue of Norfolk Developers Magazine to read our article in full – it’s on page 4!


Our new favourite Slack plug-ins

Like many digital agencies, we use Slack to keep in touch with our clients and amongst ourselves. For those who don’t know, Slack is a messaging platform – a bit like Skype or Whatsapp. Unlike other messaging apps, Slack is designed with businesses in mind. You can set up ‘channels’ for different topics, and if you work with external clients (like we do) you can join their ‘teams’. However, one of the best things about Slack is that it integrates with other platforms and allows you to install apps.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend installing the Giphy plug-in for Slack.

Once installed, you’re #blessed with a seemingly endless library of gifs. All you have to do is enter /giphy followed by your keyword, and you’ll be treated to a selection of related gifs to shuffle through.


Another new Slack favourite this month is Donut: an app to help teams form closer relationships and build company culture. Each week, Donut randomly pairs team members and encourages them to go for coffee together, or just make time for a chat. Since the Luminous team is split between two different offices and some remote workers, Donut provides a great nudge for us to catch up.

You can download the Giphy and Donut plug-ins from the Slack app store for FREE!


Pockit MasterCard

There’s a new addition shaking things up in the Luminous PR office: our new Pockit MasterCard.

For those who don’t know, Pockit is a pre-paid MasterCard. You top it up with cash, and that’s literally it. In less than two minutes, you can pay instore, online, or withdraw cash.

As a tech PR agency, we’re always game for trying a new bit of tech. Pockit is the perfect solution to the antiquated petty cash tin that previously graced our office. No more fannying around with receipts or expenses when someone needs to pop out for milk/biscuits/prosecco.


Hurry: DevelopHER Awards closing soon!

Do you know an exceptional woman working in the tech sector? Don’t miss your chance to nominate her for a DevelopHER Award! The deadline for submissions is Monday 3 September 2018.

Though the number of women in tech has increased over recent years, that number is still not high enough. According to Tech Nation, just 17% of people working in tech are female. Events like the DevelopHER Awards celebrate “the women who already work in technology and inspiring the next generation to join them.”

Categories at this year’s awards include honours for…

  • Apprentices
  • Digital marketers
  • Emerging talent
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Game developers
  • Testers
  • User experience

This year’s awards ceremony takes place on 28 November 2018 at Open. Don’t miss your chance to big up an under-appreciated female colleague!


Happy Birthday, Liftshare!

Earlier this month, we were thrilled to be invited to join Liftshare’s 20th birthday celebrations. Liftshare is the UK’s largest lift-sharing platform and has helped save 500,000,000 miles over the last 20 years.

To celebrate, we joined the Liftshare team at the lovely Rooftop Gardens in Norwich. Liftshare CEO, Ali Clabburn, gave a heartfelt speech:

“20 years is something special. 96% of businesses don’t make it beyond 10 years, especially in such a fast-moving tech-based sector. So we must have done some things right and learnt from what we got wrong, but we would not have achieved so much without a huge amount of help along the way, so to all those here tonight and many absent friends – my heartfelt thank you!”

As an agency proud of its roots, we’re chuffed to see a fellow Norwichian do so well. Our fine city also has a strong sharing economy ethos, so it’s no surprise that Liftshare should thrive here.

Here’s to twenty more years of Liftshare! You can read a full write-up of the party over on their blog.


Not Hot ?

As far as negatives are concerned, we have nothing to report. We’re a little bummed that there’s no more Bank Holidays left until Christmas, but we’re sure we’ll survive…


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