28 May 2015
Creative Technologies Drive Emotion at Clerkenwell Design Week

Creative Technologies Drive Emotion at Clerkenwell Design Week

Last week, London played host to ‘Clerkenwell Design Week’ – a three-day festival of design, innovation and… what was noticeable… an increasing influence of creative technologies.

This annual festival is a hodgepodge of local and international furniture designers, light installations, retro textile producers and crafty folks who appeal to the ever present Clerkenwell hipster, sipping a take-away tea from an independent cafe whilst packing a Prada rucksack. Trust me, there were more than a few.

Having taken over the illustrious Victorian Farmiloe Building (maybe you’ve spotted it in ‘Inception’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ or ‘Batman’?), the warehouse event sets the stage for the creative community that lurks in this historical London borough.

Crafts and creation have always been a leading theme throughout this festival and this year was no exception.

Well, maybe there was one exception.  Head sponsor and leading automobile designer, Renault, sat centre stage with its display celebrating a state-of-the-art electric concept car, in combination with some completely unique behavioural tech from creative technology agency – Knit (the creative tech arm of global experience design agency, Foolproof).

The beautiful and clever installation was titled ‘Iris Wall’ and reacted to human interaction through body movements.

The installation consisted of over 500 sensors that trigger the irises to open and close, in response to human interaction.   Giving the affect that it is visualising movement and emotion.   “It’s all about love,” said Renault’s SVP of Corporate Design, Laurens van den Acker.

Experiential agency, Fusion, and creative technology specialists, Knit, joined forces to create this interactive tech experience.   The concept behind the idea was to create an exhibit that would look beautiful, react and respond to human interaction and also reflect the human-centric focus of Renault’s design philosophy.

Nick Thompson, Founding Partner of Knit explains “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work on this project. Smart brands like Renault understand how emerging technology can create engaging experiences in physical spaces. Renault is leading innovation to create engaging and memorable experiences using technology.”