What is Tech PR?

What is Tech PR?

If you follow the Luminous PR team on social media, you’ll know we spend a lot of time on the road for events and client meetings. We attend loads of exciting events across the city and network with entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of (business) life. During the usual networking chat, one question came […]

Newsjacking: the what, why, & how

Newspaper and coffee

Want to know how to make the most of trending news topic for your business? Check out our blog post on newsjacking; what it is, and why to try it.

How to use PR in marketing and sales

pr in marketing and sales

PR, marketing, and sales. They may all be very distinct channels for communicating with your target audience, but there’s a lot more overlap than you think.

What is a PR campaign?

what is a pr campaign

What is a PR campaign? We reflect on the real value of public relations and bust five common misconceptions about public relations and PR campaigns.