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02 Jan 2018
what is integrated marketing?

What is integrated marketing?

All hail, integrated marketing At Luminous PR our fandom for integrated communications knows no limit. Holistic and linked-up communications is at the heart of our approach, and yet it’s often overlooked. There are so many marketing avenues available, both new and old, but in the eyes of the consumer, they seem to be working alongside […]

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11 Dec 2017
the Luminous PR tech gadget Christmas list

Naughty or nice: the tech gadgets on our Christmas list this year

Dear Santa, we’ve been so good… We’re definitely in the Christmas spirit here at Luminous PR. The decorations are up, the mulled wine is mulling, and our letters to Father Christmas are in the post. Unsurprisingly, we’ve added a few top tech gadgets to our ‘must-have’ Christmas list. So just what we are hoping will […]

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