29 Mar 2017
time to spring clean your comms

Top tips for spring cleaning your comms

Spring has sprung! 

With spring now upon us and the nights becoming longer, it’s time to breathe the fresh air of flowers and say hello to the second quarter of 2017!

Yes, we’re all thinking the same: just how fast has this year flown by?!

This got us thinking, how often do we actually assess our comms?

It might seem like your comms plan has only just been refreshed at the start of the year, but has your strategy been left to gather dust on a shelf for the past 3 months? Or is it becoming worn with constant use? Either way, it’s time to grab your duster. Even the best-laid plans can become stagnant if a business doesn’t adapt. Updating your comms plan in line with your business’s objectives and trending topics helps ensure your comms remain fresh and relevant to both customers, prospects, and even journalists.

We’ve gathered together our top spring cleaning tips to make light work of refreshing your comms plan for the second quarter of 2017. Keep reading to find out more!


Business message

A communications plan is a priority for any business. It’s a great idea to make sure everything is clear and up to date with the same message throughout all communication streams.

If you already have a plan (well done) – it’s now time to get it back out and make sure the message is still the same as the message you have now.

It could be that trends have changed in the industry or the company has grown quicker than expected? Whatever the change there’s no better time than spring to freshen it up.

If you don’t have a plan, well now is the perfect time to get one. Get together with the whole team and find out what’s missing. Create a plan to follow through all streams of communication, making sure your target audience know your brand message.



A website needs regular upkeep, we all know that. Being one of the top ways to drive potential customers to a business, it’s key in enabling organic growth.

Take a look at your website from an outside perspective, or ask someone from outside (not literally on the street) your business to take a look for you. See if they understand your business’s message from looking at the website as a customer would.

If they can then great, if not it could be time for a refresh.

SEO is always going to be a priority when it comes to comms. Making sure SEO is in line with what and who you’re trying to target is crucial to hitting the right audience.

Spring welcomes new audiences and perspectives for a business; have a jig around with the SEO, and don’t let it go stale for summer.



It’s good practice to post any events you’re taking part in on your website. So following on from above, make sure all events are correct and up to date as this is where the majority of customers will go first.

Take this spring clean as a time to go through and check your upcoming events for the next quarter, planning and scheduling any relevant events where your target customers are bound to be.

Making sure any documents, whether internal or external, are all corrected aligned. The last thing you want to do is give out the wrong information, causing confusion or lack of excitement for events.

Internally, make sure teams are on the same page, given the same information. Social teams can work on keeping excitement and buzz surrounding events while the PR team build interest and exposure.

Talking external, keep your website events page current with upcoming events at the top. Make sure any past dates are clear previous events or even taken off altogether.

Planning a launch event but not sure where to start? Follow our launch event checklist to the letter and you won’t go far wrong!


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way a lot of companies use to gain exposure for upcoming events, news coverage, or their latest product.

This could be the first impression a person will have of a company, so make sure it’s relevant, fresh and exciting.

Recently I received an email from a company offering up their Boxing Day sales: it’s currently March. This is email marketing that hasn’t had a spring clean. Something like this is going to bring negativity and show a lack of attention to detail – putting customers off.

Gather together all the events already discussed. Make sure the marketing team are working alongside this plan, keeping everything up to date, in season and relevant.


Social media

Social media is a huge part of communications for any company. It’s always changing, so it’s key to follow the trends and keep it fresh.

Make sure interactions are relevant, keeping content in line with the message for the current season.

If you’re not already doing so, make sure you are posting on social media at the correct times to maximise your exposure to your target audience. This handy guide from Your Outreach goes into loads of detail about how to maximise ROI on your Facebook activity, including best times to post.

Spring is fresh and happy so making sure any social account is giving off this vibe too. The secret for social – stand out,  and don’t get left behind!


PR campaign

Now is time to get to grips with your PR campaign. Have a refresh, making sure everyone knows the direction and intent of the campaign.

Arrange a sit-down with the PR team, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Keep the aim of content relevant to the current season: what’s happening for the company in the next 3 months? What’s changing as it heads into the next season?

Things change fast in any industry. In the three short months since entering 2017 there could be a new focus for the company or new opportunities. If there is any big news set to break in your industry – such as an influential report, or government legislation – be sure to plan how your business will leverage this opportunity.

Use your PR team to their full potential, work fast and stay current.


Surviving means staying current 

Refreshing communications will keep a company at the forefront of their industry. Following this quick and easy spring cleaning guide should help get your business heading in the right direction for the second quarter.

It may seem like a lot of work, but we can say for sure the benefits outweigh the time spent.

Be sure to let us know how your spring cleaning going and we’ll be on the look out for new fresh ideas and the daffodils blossom!