Launching a new product, service or business?

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Launching a new product, service or business?

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Your launchpad moment is approaching rapidly and you will get one chance at this. You need a PR team that you can rely on to develop an awesome communications strategy, and then deliver it with razor-sharp precision.
As your partner we will work with agility and flexibility, diving into your business, getting to know the key players quickly, building your trust and, most importantly, delivering results that will help you shine bright from the start.
You will see results quickly

We will work closely with you and your colleagues to define strategy and agree launch goals. This will be completed within 30 days after kick off.

Our industry knowledge is superb

We will get to grips with your proposition rapidly, and that knowledge ensures we prepare you for launch fully briefed on all the likely questions that will come your way. You’ll feel supremely confident with Luminous by your side.

We are expert storytellers

We develop launch narratives and campaigns that will appeal to journalists, whether your brand is well known or not. We know how to tackle this because many of us used to be journalists before joining Luminous.

Working at pace means we know we need to be flexible

Plans will change and demand an immediate reaction. That’s understood by us. We will be your partner in the truest sense of the word. You’ll come to regard us as an extension to your team.

We’ll attract the right attention

Our work will ensure your brand recognition grows rapidly and sustainably.

We’re in it for the long haul

Our clients will testify that we are the extended members of their team that they can’t live without.


Here’s what some people say about us

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From launch to acquisition in just 12 months

We worked with Zurich-based meepl to launch their business and dramatically raise brand awareness amongst retailers and ecommerce brands in the UK.

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