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Our media training service works closely with your spokespeople to alleviate nervousness, build confidence and craft compelling brand stories. Our goal is to help them avoid the sales pitch approach and instead foster genuine connections with listeners and viewers.


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media training

Our approach

We'll put you at ease

We know that facing the media can be daunting. But trust us; it doesn't have to be! We're here to guide your team every step of the way, making your media journey not just successful, but also enjoyable.

We're discrete

When preparing your team for media interviews, we operate with complete discretion and confidentiality, ensuring trust and honest communication throughout.

We're frank

We'll give you honest feedback about your readiness to engage with the media. We want to make sure you're fully prepared, confident and able to effectively represent your brand in a way that resonates with your audience and the media.

You'll learn from the best

We have a proven track record of successfully preparing numerous tech brands to shine in media interviews, helping them confidently deliver their message(s) and leave a lasting, positive impression.

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Media training services

Our team of friendly experts have been working in the media industry for years (fifty percent of our team are ex-journalists), so they know all the ins and outs. They’ll share their insights with you, helping you understand what the media wants and how to speak effectively and confidently. We’ll dive into everything from handling tricky questions to delivering concise messaging.

One-to-one media coaching
Whether you’re a seasoned C-suite pro looking to polish your skills or utterly new to media appearances, we’ve got you covered.

Your experienced media coach will work closely with you, focusing on your needs and goals. You’ll get hands-on practice, constructive feedback and helpful insider tips.

This approach is particularly effective in situations such as launching a new product or service. Precise and compelling messaging is crucial during these launches to clearly articulate the value proposition and ensure it resonates with your target audience. Another example is when preparing for a big company announcement that is likely to attract media attention.

Our training will ensure you are fully prepared to manage the increased scrutiny as well as make the most of the opportunity to enhance your brand’s image and reputation.

Team media training
Want to turn your team into a media-savvy powerhouse? Then our team media training is perfect!

It’s interactive, engaging and – dare we say – pretty fun! The best part? It’s a team effort! Everyone gets involved, sharing feedback, learning from each other’s experiences and building stronger communication skills together.

If you’re looking to build a bench of capable spokespeople, team media training can equip multiple members with the necessary skills and confidence. It’s also invaluable when preparing for a potential crisis; by making sure that your entire team is media-trained, you’ll have multiple people ready to step up and handle tough questions, mitigating the risk and maintaining your brand’s reputation.


Your team will learn how to effectively communicate your brand’s message, handle tough questions, stay composed under pressure and present a confident and professional image in the media.

Our training also includes honing your sales messaging. This ensures that your team is skilled at seamlessly integrating your value proposition into their interactions with the media.

Absolutely! Media training can significantly improve public speaking skills by teaching techniques for clear and concise communication – sometimes on the spot -, body language and overcoming stage fright.

Yes, media training is beneficial for non-media professionals as it enhances general communication skills, builds confidence and prepares individuals to handle any situation where they need to represent themselves or their company professionally.

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