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Our LinkedIn profile management service is designed for busy CEOs, founders and tech professionals looking to build their personal brand online. Whether you work for an established company or a burgeoning startup, we’re here to make your expertise and knowledge stand out.


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Our approach

We take a brand-focused approach

As PR experts, we understand that LinkedIn profiles are an extension of your brand. As such, we’ll make sure that your activity reflects your brand's identity, values and goals.

We’ll make it personal

We’re writers, so we know that tone of voice and personality matters - especially on social media. We take pride in our ability to emulate your unique tone of voice so seamlessly that even your closest connections wouldn't be able to distinguish between your writing and ours.

We know what’s making the news

We're constantly abreast of the latest trends and developments, enabling us to craft your LinkedIn content in a way that positions you as an informed, forward-thinking leader in your field.

We write quality content

No fluff, no filler. Only high-quality, relevant content that reflects your brand voice and engages your audience.

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LinkedIn profile management services

If you’re looking to establish you and / or your team’s reputation as thought leaders, LinkedIn profile management can amplify voices, showcase insights and expertise, expand professional networks and attract strategic partnerships, thereby elevating personal brands in the corporate sphere.
Profile optimisation
An optimised LinkedIn profile serves as a powerful tool, helping to elevate both your personal and company brands.

It increases visibility in search results, making you more discoverable and attractive to potential business partners, customers, clients or talent.

A well-crafted profile summary and headline can succinctly communicate your value proposition, expertise and passion, setting you apart from your competition and positioning you amongst the elite within your industry.

Writing and posting
Regular posting on LinkedIn offers numerous advantages. LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards consistent and engaging content, significantly increasing your visibility and reach.

From thought leadership articles to regular status updates, we create content that positions you as an industry leader. We can also take care of responding to comments and queries.

Connection and engagement strategy
Each new connection you make potentially opens up access to their network of contacts.

This means your posts, articles and activities can be seen by a wider audience, increasing the reach and visibility of your brand. We help you grow your network strategically with valuable connections in your industry as well as making sure that you’re regularly reacting, sharing and commenting on target connections’ relevant content to help build your reach and foster relationships.

Performance monitoring
We’ll track the performance of your profile and tweak strategies as needed to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.

We’ll provide regular reports so you can see the progress and results of our efforts.


While LinkedIn is a powerful platform, building a strong presence takes time. You can typically expect to see initial results, such as improved visibility and engagement in two-three months.
Absolutely. We believe in trust and collaboration and will seek your approval before posting anything on your behalf.
Yes, we do! We offer LinkedIn profile management services for both businesses and individual tech professionals. Check out our digital marketing page to find out more about our business social media accounts management service.

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