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Our team has organised many PR events including brand, venue and product launches, roundtables, demonstrations and workshops. We know each business venture is unique, which is why we infuse creativity into every project, ensuring your event leaves a lasting impression and delivers on your goals.


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Our approach

We take a brand-focused approach

We treat every event as a brand-building exercise. While we may focus on promoting something exciting and new at a particular event, we’re always thinking of the bigger picture. We’ll craft your business's story in a way that leaves an impression, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of journalists' minds.

We’ve got the right connections

As former journalists, comms professionals and tech specialists, we have strong connections within the media, business and tech industries. This network allows us to personally invite key figures to attend our clients' events.

We know how to make events a success

We have a proven track record of securing media coverage for our clients through strategically planned and executed events. You’ll be impressed with what we can achieve.

Our team is your team

Our client relationships are built on trust, collaboration and open communication. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your experts to understand every detail about your business so that we can smash your goals. You’ll be impressed by our dedication.

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PR event management services

We specialise in curating events that introduce (or reconnect) the media, influencers and key industry figures to your brand.
PR event strategy
Events are not just about the day themselves as there’s a lot of work that goes into things beforehand!

We brainstorm ideas to make your event unique and attention-grabbing, create media lists and send out invites as part of a targeted plan to make your event a hit. This will tie into a wider comms strategy that thinks about your brand, your audience and your overall objectives.

After each event, we take care of all the follow up by answering media queries and promoting stories to keep the conversation going. We also carry out reviews to measure the success of the event and present recommendations for the future.

Roundtable events

A roundtable event is an excellent opportunity to get your brand’s innovations infront of an influential audience.

More than this, it’s the perfect way to champion your views and insights on a particular topic in a way that marks you out as worth listening to. We’ll invite key figures, including journalists and industry experts to an intimate setting that encourages meaningful discussions. With careful management, the rewards can be huge with media coverage that will provide a huge boost for your brand.

The impact of these roundtables can extend beyond the events themselves too, generating content that can be repurposed into various formats from video, podcasts and social media posts to white papers and reports. This approach allows for ongoing PR, reinforcing your status as a thought leader and providing significant media opportunities for your brand (and the topic).

Product, business and app launches
A well-executed, creative launch event can significantly increase awareness of your new offering. We’ll design and execute the perfect event to launch your product, business or app.

To do this, we’ll invite influential figures, with the goal of generating media coverage, social media buzz and word-of-mouth. We’ll also help you to communicate the value of your new innovation, engage with your audience and create a memorable experience that leaves a lasting and positive impression.

PR demonstrations
We invite an audience of media personnel, influencers and key industry figures to try out your latest offering.

The exclusivity around these events creates a sense of fun and excitement and are a great way to get people talking about your brand ahead of launch or updates.

Exhibition support
We can maximise your brand’s comms at big trade shows, allowing you to focus on networking and sales.

We handle everything from reaching out to the media, crafting press releases, making videos, writing case studies, sending newsletters, inviting clients and managing the press office.

Corporate anniversaries
Corporate anniversary events serve as a strategic platform for generating media coverage and raising brand awareness.

We’ll help you to celebrate your milestones with a big bang, reflecting on your achievements in a way that will create headlines and continue building those all important relationships with industry peers and influencers.


A roundtable is a type of media event where a small number of people such as journalists and industry experts gather for an informal discussion on a specific topic. The term “roundtable” refers to the seating arrangement, which is typically circular to encourage open conversation.

Roundtable PR events can be effective tools for thought leadership, or for launching something completely new, as they provide a platform for industry experts, company leaders, or influencers to share their knowledge and perspectives.

Of course! We’re also more than happy to provide PR support for events you’re organising. Just let us know what you have planned, and we can discuss how we can best support your comms objectives.

Success is measured using a variety of metrics, including media coverage, social media buzz and feedback from attendees. Above all, we consider an event successful if it meets your objectives and helps you connect with your target audience.

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