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Unexpected crises demand swift, clear action. Whether shareholder activism, boardroom disputes or legislative challenges, each crisis is unique. The key to handling any crisis is to safeguard your brand, fortify your reputation and proactively address issues to avoid negative press and social media attention.


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Our approach

We'll guide you through the storm

Facing a crisis can be overwhelming, but with our guidance, it doesn't have to be. We're here to steer you through every step of the crisis management process, ensuring not just survival, but also growth from adversity.

We understand confidentiality

As we work together in managing your crisis, we maintain utmost discretion and confidentiality. This guarantees an environment of trust and open communication, which is crucial in effectively addressing the crisis at hand.

We're frank

We provide candid assessments of your readiness to handle a crisis. Our aim is to ensure that you are fully prepared, confident and able to manage your organisation's reputation effectively during challenging times.

We’re really the experts here

Our team has guided numerous b2b and tech companies through crises for several decades so you’ll be hard pressed to find an agency with more experience.

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Crisis management services

We provide the expertise and advice to ensure you emerge from the crisis in the best possible position, crafting a clear and concise response that will mitigate any potential loss or damage and steer you back to business as usual.
Pre-emptive crisis planning
We help you prepare for potential crises by conducting an audit of your business, its people, company materials and channels.

This risk assessment helps us create a thorough communication plan, ensuring that any areas of concern are identified and you can hit the ground running in case trouble strikes.

Crisis response
When a crisis occurs, we can provide immediate strategic support, from message development to media relations and stakeholder communication.

We’re also able to provide media training to develop the skills and strategies required to navigate challenging conversations with the media while maintaining a positive public image.

Internal reputation management
Employees are a company’s first line of defence as they act as ambassadors to the outside world.

Through an internal communications strategy, we’ll promote transparency and open dialogue to reduce panic and misinformation as well as maintain staff morale. This strategy ensures that your team feels informed, valued, positive and ready to support your company through the crisis.

Post-crisis analysis
After each crisis, we’ll always evaluate the effectiveness of the communication strategy and make necessary adjustments and recovery plans, ensuring you’re better prepared for future challenges.


An organisation needs crisis management PR whenever its reputation is threatened. This could be due to various reasons such as legal issues, negative media coverage, social media backlash, product failures or any other event that could harm the organisation’s standing in the public eye.

Experience. We can’t stress this enough. A defensive or opaque response can lead to serious reputational damage, which can completely ruin your ability to conduct businesses as usual. 

An experienced PR agency will know exactly the right tone to take, ensuring the consistency and transparency needed to steer you towards repetitional recovery.

We also have connections with publications and journalists, ensuring that your company gets a fair hearing and that all the facts are clearly understood by those who matter.

Success is gauged by several factors, including the preservation of your reputation, the level of trust among your stakeholders and the speed at which normal operations can resume.

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