Award writing

To successfully win awards, you’ve got to tell a compelling story about why your brand’s achievement deserves recognition. As PR professionals, we’re perfectly positioned to present your brand’s story in a compelling, engaging and persuasive manner.


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Our approach

We’re writers and storytellers

We understand the importance of a strong narrative and how to communicate it effectively - and within a word count. We know what makes a story resonate with audiences and what kind of narratives capture the attention of award judges.

We have insider expertise

We have first-hand experience as judges, so we know exactly what panels look for in award entries, enabling us to prepare submissions that hit all the right notes.

We’ll dive into your brand’s story

Our team will work hand-in-hand with your experts, diving deep into your brand's story, its achievements and the values it stands for. This understanding will allow us to craft bespoke entries that are not only compelling but also genuinely represent your brand.

We’ll make your achievement shine

We're well-versed in managing reputations. We know how to showcase your brand in the best possible light, emphasising its strengths and how it stands out from the competition to the right audiences.

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Award writing services

Our expertise allows us to create award entries that tell your brand’s story and make a lasting impression, significantly increasing your chances of taking home that coveted award and earning you the bragging rights that come with it!
Award strategy
Based on our extensive knowledge of industry awards, we will build a calendar featuring suitable awards across various sectors and geographies for you to consider entering.

This will underpin a strategic approach to awards that aligns with your objectives, ensuring that your efforts are focused and effective. With a carefully planned strategy, we don’t just aim for participation, but for success, making sure every award entry serves a purpose in elevating your brand’s recognition and reputation.

Background research
We’ll speak to your team and conduct thorough research to understand your brand, its values and accomplishments.

We’ll also look at previous winners’ achievements to ensure we hit the mark.

Award entry writing

We’ll provide an end-to-end service, crafting and submitting each award entry to highlight your brand’s unique achievements.

Bear in mind that the majority of awards have separate entry fees, but we’ll be able to advise you on this prior to any awards submissions.

Editing submissions

Already have something written that you’d like a second opinion on? Or do you need help to squeeze your submission into the word count?

We’ll give your entry a good polishing to make sure it has the best possible chance of winning the big prize.​


Winning (or even being nominated) for an award is a well-earned endorsement of your brand, giving you a competitive edge. More importantly, award ceremonies can be lots of fun! Who doesn’t like dressing up and having a glass of fizz?

They’re a great way of raising morale, acknowledging your team’s hard work. Ceremonies also open doors for networking with industry leaders and like-minded professionals, potentially leading to partnerships or even sales. Plus the longevity of the award means you can shout from the rooftops for a while after.

We’ll be able to craft a great story but, ideally, we need as much evidence from you as possible. This might be stats, graphics, images or even video – whatever you’ve got!

We also need to speak to your relevant stakeholders so that we can grab all the details we need to write an award-winning entry.

We can normally craft a speedy entry in an emergency as long as you provide us with all the information needed for the award submission. The more time we have, the better – but please do reach out to us to see if we can meet your deadline!

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