Using PR to raise brand awareness.

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Using PR to raise brand awareness.

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We know that brand reputation is earnt through a variety of actions. Communications is arguably one of the most important parts of the process. A well written, thought-provoking and relevant article or quote in a key publication can be one of the most dramatic and effective means of raising brand awareness rapidly.

But that’s only part of what’s needed. The strongest brands communicate a consistent image regardless of the platform. So we can help ensure your brand is effectively represented wherever it’s encountered by its stakeholders.

Luminous has developed comprehensive strategies for helping our clients raise brand awareness with key stakeholders, whether that’s existing or prospect customers, investors or potential employees. We develop those strategies quickly, and then deliver the components of that strategy perfectly.


We work quickly

On appointment, we immerse ourselves in your business so that we can start to deliver outstanding results faster than you might expect. We’ll never substitute quantity for quality, but we recognise the pressure to deliver that you face.

We are excellent long-term partners

Like you, we work hard to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients. But we know that only happens if you come to trust us. We aim to win that trust the moment we first meet you.

We only work with technology-enabled businesses

We only work with technology-enabled businesses, so we have a brilliant understanding of the marketplace dynamics. Of course we need to learn about you, but our experience means we know the right questions to ask, meaning we are able to deliver results quicker.

Our team is outstanding

We don’t aim to be the biggest PR firm, but we do aspire to be the best. We invest in training to help all our consultants achieve outstanding status. It may sound boastful, but we are totally confident that within a few days of appointment you will feel delighted to have us on your team.


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