20 Apr 2020

Using positive social media during uncertain times

In today’s current climate, positive social media – the tool that so often divided us in pre-Covid-19 days – is what is most likely to bring us closer together.  

As we sit isolated in our homes in our ‘lockdown bubbles’ juggling full time jobs with homeschooling or caregiving, we want to feel connected to the outside world – a normality we all took for granted and now intrinsically crave. 

With businesses now more reliant than ever on boosting their online presence – a trend that is set to continue even beyond the Covid-19 pandemic – brands need to focus on how they communicate effectively across their social platforms with a captive audience at their fingertips.

Here are our top tips as to how brands can use their social media during these unpredictable times…

Don’t oversell

Discounts are great but always ask yourself  ‘is my product really relevant at the moment?’ If you can offer help, insight or a piece of advice within your industry, your audience will appreciate that. 

Show authenticity and humanity

We’ve seen amazing examples where like-minded and business communities are rallying around, giving support and showing-up for one another. The generosity that has been shown to members of NHS and emergency services staff by businesses during this crisis is commendable. Free and discounted food and drink as well as priority shopping slots at all major supermarkets are prime examples.

If you do have a large or engaged following, think about how you can leverage positive social media activity that helps others. It costs nothing to send a tweet.  But if you have tens of thousands of followers, the impact for a cause could be massive and even change lives.

By showing that you’re facing the same challenges as everyone else, your followers will connect with you so much more. It can be as simple as a post about running out of milk for that all-important mid morning tea break. Or the trial of trying to partake in a business Zoom call with three kids and a dog in tow. It’s these little glimpses into your life which will make somebody smile.

Grow your own: home-spun content will help brands make a better connection with their audience

Social distancing might be creating physical space between us. But our innate need for genuine human interaction is so powerful that we’ll always find a way to bridge that gap. Which is why it’s the right time for brands to take a home-grown approach to content. 

Artificial, far-fetched content just won’t wash with them. Dig beneath your corporate identity, show your human side, tell real stories! Brands that keep it this real will strike up the strongest connections.


Social media is as much about engagement with others as it is about sharing meaningful content. It’s called ’social’ media after all! Typically it’s one of the first places people go for customer support, enquiries, news or to share feedback with businesses. Staying on top of ‘mentions’ on social media, tapping into relevant conversations, sharing / commenting on industry news and filtering out irrelevant social chatter is the basis of most social media engagement strategies. 

It’s more important than ever to be seen. Make sure you’re maintaining a consistent amount of business updates. And yes, this does include pictures of the pets, garden, home gym setups etc. But ensure you’re communicating with others too. This interaction increase loyalty and extends your exposure with the recipients network. It also highlights your brand’s personality and gives businesses an opportunity to learn directly what their customers care about. 

A picture speaks a thousand words

Social media posts always generate more engagement if they have an accompanying image – fact! Why? Because images are easier to process and more identifiable than a piece of text. Especially when scrolling through newsfeeds on social media.

Brands should choose visuals that are relevant, interesting and engaging. Now more than ever there is a need for positive images on social media. With the media currently saturated with bleak images of the Covid-19 pandemic including statistics and graphs calculating the latest death toll, do we need our social media feeds to reflect this too?

A short video showing a business doing the #clapforourcarers or a photo showing how social distancing is being carried out within a workplace, will have more resonance than simple text alone. It’s a great way to visually demonstrate how a business is adapting in these unprecedented times. And don’t forget the human element as well – your ‘new home office’ with your own personal touches or the amazing lunch you made with barista-style coffee can be a great way to engage with your followers.

Here at Luminous PR we can offer a fully managed package to ensure that your business maintains a strong presence across all your platforms and is putting out the right kind of positive social media activity that supports your current brand goals.

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