13 Jul 2016
Pokemon Go: When a craze goes crazy

Pokemon Go: When a craze goes crazy

Have you heard of a little something called Pokemon Go?

No? Where have you been?!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, are stuck in the dark ages, or my dad, then it’s a miracle if you’ve managed to miss the latest tech game craze, Pokemon Go. Grown men and women are wandering the streets in search of the famous pocket monsters, and making a lot of fuss about it on social media.

From the toilet, to the labour ward (this guy caught a Pidgey while his wife was giving birth), and even on dates, Pokemon have been popping up everywhere, and no location is out of bounds. In fact, the US Holocaust Museum had to ask visitors to stop playing Pokemon Go while they were there. 

In fact, everyone has been searching so far and wide, that even fitness wearable company Jawbone has recently reported a huge surge in steps after the full app was released. If it breaks the traditional stereotype of gamers stuck in dark rooms all day, we’re all for it. 

However, it’s not all sunshine.

Did you here about the girl who stumbled across a dead body whilst looking for Pokemon? Or the cheating boyfriend who got found out when his girlfriend noticed that he’d been capturing Pokemon near his ex-girlfriend’s house?

We’re used to the latest craze taking over our kid’s playgrounds, but this is one that has taken over our adulthood, smartphones, everyday life, and now the media. Every day a new article appears in the newspapers, online, or is shared on social media. It has even overtaken Twitter in the U.S.

While cars start to drive themselves, robots clean your house and do your job, and our reality becomes virtual like something out of a Tom Cruise box-office flop, the tech gaining global median attention is nothing more than a kids’ game!

How did one little game become the hot tech topic of the moment?

New, upcoming tech may seem unreachable for many, but a simple app can reach millions at the touch of a button. It has tapped into everyone’s lives, and has captured the imagination of many.

Fans have expressed feelings of freedom and escapism, and are encouraged to get out and about. At a time of political unrest, and financial stress, the game has been downloaded over 7.5 million times. Could there be a link?

Our passion for tech is due to the fact it makes our lives that little bit easier and better. Maybe Pokemon Go is doing just that – taking us away from all the heaviness, and giving us some light relief so we can make it through the day.

The game is yet to reach British shores, but when it does, the Luminous staff on both sides of the Atlantic will definitely be joining in the Pokemon Go phenomenon.

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