18 Dec 2017
Our favourite Christmas marketing 2017

Our favourite Christmas marketing campaigns 2017

Battle of the ads 

With only a few days remaining until we all close the doors for Christmas, the Luminous team has been locked in a fierce debate about what has been the best Christmas campaign of 2017.

The UK spend at Christmas is expected to exceed £78.5 billion this year, so it’s little wonder that businesses fall over themselves to produce the best seasonal campaign.

In fact, they spend big too. Last year, UK companies spent an estimated £5.6 billion on marketing in the run-up to Christmas, with fashion house Burberry spending £10 million on a lavish, star-studded advert alone.

As the weather grows colder, and we snuggle up in front of our TVs, laptops, and smartphones, which brands have the ads that will convince us to part with our hard-earned cash?


John Lewis: Moz the Monster

The John Lewis Christmas advert has become almost as integral to the celebrations as the Queen’s Speech. Its arrival heralds the start of Christmas, so it’s no surprise the brand spends around £7 million a year on their masterpiece.

This year has seen the arrival of Moz the Monster, who lives under Joe’s bed and whose heart-wrenching relationship with the young boy was meant to be the stuff of Christmas advert legend. As expected, it has topped the YouTube chart but has been tinged this year with controversy – facing allegations of plagiarism from the author of an incredibly similar children’s book.

The ad has even been labelled John Lewis’s least successful for five years as audiences fail to connect but it’s not all doom and gloom. The thing that John Lewis does best is the spin-off merchandise, and 2017 is no different. Books, PJs, slippers, and Moz the Monster cuddly toys have still had us spending.


Marks & Spencer: Paddington

This heart-warming advert has catapulted Marks & Spencer to the top of the Christmas tree this year. Obviously, it helps that the wildly popular Paddington 2 movie hit the cinemas at the same time, but the sentiment of the advert has captured the festive spirit perfectly.

Paddington’s approach to Christmas with the pure innocence of a child has captured hearts (and wallets) throughout the UK. In just one week, the brand’s ad awareness score across the entire M&S brand has increased an impressive 10 points and is on track to being the most popular advert from the brand in recent years.

Like John Lewis, the retail chain is hitting the population hard with the merchandise. Around 90 Paddington-themed products, from chocolate and marmalade to kidswear, is on sale. Will this advert success lead to success at the tills? We think so!


Amazon: Give a little bit

Another day, another tune that gets stuck in our heads for hours. But that is not the only fault of the online juggernaut according to UK parents. They have come out in droves to voice their displeasure at one of the adverts featuring a father running upstairs to hide presents from his children which they allege has ruined Christmas by ruining the magic of Santa.

With the hundreds of thousands of gifts that will be flying about the UK in the lead up to Christmas, we doubt this Christmas advert has damaged the brand too much. There is not a lot of “Christmas” about the adverts but what it does show is just how important shopping online has become to us all.

All Luminous PR staff is sure to “give a little bit” via Amazon this December.


Debenhams: You shall find your fairytale Christmas

A favourite amongst the Luminous PR crew due to its combination of some of our favourite things: Christmas, social media, and shoes! When a woman loses a rather fetching high heel, the handsome stranger uses the power of social media to reunite them. Nothing says Christmas like a little hopeless romance!

Metro described the ad campaign as “Bridget Jones’ Diary meets Cinderella”. The romance and gorgeous imagery (and shoes) have certainly warmed the cockles of our hearts – we know where we’ll be heading to pick up our Christmas party outfits!


Battle of the Supermarkets: Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Waitrose, Lidl

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without stocking the fridge full of delicious goodies: the average Brit spends £110 on food and drink for Christmas. Supermarkets are well-aware of our inclination to indulge, so are always trying to out-do each other in terms of advertising to reel in more customers.

It is hard to pick a winner, as each ad is totally different. Sainsbury’s and their annoyingly catchy #everybitofChristmas tune seems to have divided the nation, but its strong social media campaign did get trending when it was released.

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot might be a rehash of last year’s advert, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it (just ask all those people missing Sainsbury’s Mog the Cat). Lidl’s ad campaign on the different type of people at Christmas – including the dreaded double-dipper – has also raised some smiles.

Will Asda’s “imaginarium” have us dashing to their stores? Or will Waitrose’s artistic black and white snow scenes make us try any of Heston’s weird creations? Probably not. Most of us tend to stick with the supermarket we shop at for the rest of the year, but it’s always fun drooling over the food and their festive creations!



The Christmas advertising campaigns that fill our screens – and hearts – are an institution. As we prepare to bid farewell to this year’s crop, we can start the countdown to next years.

Merry Christmas to you all.