29 Jun 2017
omnichaannel marketing

Is omnichannel marketing business’s newest frontier?

Omni what? 

There is a new definition in town. Omni-Channel Marketing might sound like typical PR and marketing buzzwords, but omnichannel is not just a new bit of terminology. It is so much more than that.

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like information is coming at you from all angles? That every direction you take, up pops a new way of connecting with the brands and business you love?

That’s omnichannel marketing at its best.

At Luminous PR, we can often be found shouting about how the world has changed and tech PR cannot stand alone. Technology has opened up more channels for engagement – social media, beacons, NFC to name a few – and all tech businesses need to utilise the best ones for them.


Traditional marketing is dead

There is a new sheriff in town, and it is called a millennial. They are tech-savvy and wise to the marketing methods of old.

When companies ‘talk’ to them, they want it to seamlessly move from their laptop, to their iPad, and out the door to their smartphones. They want to find the information regardless of their location and what piece of technology they have in our hands.

Marketing has become more of a spider’s web, stretching out in all directions, hoping to ‘trap’ potential customers. All these opportunities for communications professionals to connect and engage with their target markets presents a whole new set of challenges.

However, taking on these challenges is not without some serious rewards.

It’s time to move with the times and embrace these new marketing opportunities, but where to start?


One step at a time

Omni-channel marketing takes a customer-first approach. It looks at the world from the customer’s point-of-view, and on their overall ‘experience’. Its aim is to address the disconnect between online and the bricks-and-mortar and the final ‘buy-in’.

As the saying goes, “you’ve got to try everything once”, and when you are looking at all the possible avenues available in omnichannel marketing that can seem like a good approach. You need to keep all channels open and available for your target marketing to interact with.

Take a look at each individual channel and review your messaging and branding. Don’t miss a step as you will pay for it in the long term.


Keep it consistent

One of the big factors of omnichannel marketing is keeping your branding consistent across the board – whatever the channel used, your target market knows it is you. Both the online and the offline have to work together simultaneously.

Whether it is social media, media relations, website, email campaigns, push notifications, SMS, product reviews… consistency is key. The aim is for anyone to not even realise what channel they are on because the messages are always the same.


Review that data

Regardless of your business or product, your best friend when it comes to omnichannel marketing is data. With information pouring in from a variety of channels, a proper data strategy will be essential from the beginning.

Reviewing and analysing this data will ultimately lead to strengthening every channel and provide the guide as to what is succeeding and what needs tweaking. Tastes and buying habits can change with the season.

Review that data regularly to stay ahead of the curve.


Get started, don’t be afraid.

We have to look at omnichannel marketing as the future. It’s a connected world we are living in and no marketing tool is an island anymore.It may feel overwhelming to think of so many channels reaching out to so many people, but it is time to step up and lead from the front.

It may feel overwhelming to think of so many channels reaching out to so many people, but it is time to step up and lead from the front.