06 Feb 2015

Norwich: A Fine ‘tech’ City

For those of you that know us, you will know that Luminous has roots in both London and the “fine city” that is Norwich.

So imagine how excited we were when Tech City UK officially recognised Norwich as a TechCity cluster, as part of it’s #technation report. The report showed that Norwich is making a sizeable impact on helping to power the UK’s digital economy with the local tech and digital sector bringing employment in the region to 14,521 people.

It is great news for the city, and for those already part of the digital community, to be recognised on a national level.   However, there are many groups and businesses (some of which are our clients) that are already operating in Norwich and have always seen the value that the technology and digital sector has for the area.

Successful and established companies such as Foolproof, Liftshare and Proxama are very proud to have built and developed their businesses in Norwich.   And groups such as SyncNorwichHot Source and nor(dev): have already created a valuable synergy between business owners, startups, investors and potential talent. All involved are working hard to help to drive buzz, thought-leadership and entrepreneurialism in the region.

We know the impact that the digital and tech sector has on the Eastern region – and the local economy – will continue to grow rapidly.  And with growth, comes further opportunity.   Being less than 2 hours in to London’s own technology hub means that Norwich is perfectly positioned for future collaboration and partnerships with the London tech community.  There is great talent in this city and we are looking forward to contributing to helping it shine.

But for now, the city feels like it’s buzzing we are proud to be part of it.  Exciting times!