07 Jul 2016
Media launch tips for your startup

Media launch tips for your startup: Luminous feature for Talk Business Magazine

Ready to launch 

We just can’t keep words of wisdom to ourselves – that’s why we jumped at the chance to contribute an article to Talk Business Magazine. This one’s for all the startups dithering and dallying about if/when/how to do a media launch for their new brand.

Trust us: done well, it’s worth the effort. Here’s a little teaser to pique your interest….

“Pitching your startup launch to the media or bloggers is all well and good, but if nobody’s heard of you before, you are really going in cold. A good way to warm up potential leads before pitching is by creating a buzz about your startup brand on social media.

“Consider which social media platforms are most widely used by your target audience and start there. Twitter and Facebook can be suitable for both B2B and B2C brands, while LinkedIn is best if your startup is a more corporate offering. Again, if your startup is visually exciting, don’t forget about networks like Instagram and Pinterest to show it off.”

Check out our piece over on Talk Business Magazine for more information.