07 Aug 2018
Wayra UK image

Luminous working with WAYRA UK!

Luminous PR supporting WAYRA UK

We have some exciting news: Luminous PR is now a proud partner of WAYRA UK. From 2 August, we’ll be providing WAYRA members with PR and communications support to help them develop and grow.

WAYRA is the tech accelerator arm of Spanish telecoms giant, Telefonica, supporting 50 early stage startups in 5 sites across Europe.  Its accelerator programmes are open to only the most innovative UK startups who benefit from:

  • state-of-the-art office facilities among a community of fellow disruptors
  • access to funding, mentorship, and a startup business development team.

WAYRA UK  has helped to propel some exciting players onto the intensely competitive tech landscape and boasts an impressive alumni line-up that includes names such as Yoyo, Europe’s fastest-growing mobile payment and loyalty platform, and Swipii, the all-in-one CRM, customer loyalty and marketing platform.


Unicorn hunting

To provide this support, we’ll be setting up camp one day a month in WAYRA’s London facility. Our CEO & Founder, Kirsty Jarvis, will be onsite to mentor WAYRA startups, allowing members to pop in for advice on comms and storytelling strategies across PR, social media, content and marketing channels.

At Luminous we love any opportunity to help fledgeling businesses at the start of their journey and have worked with 100s over the last few years.  Companies at startup and scale-up stage have many significant challenges, one of which is trying to figure out how to quickly create awareness for brand, product and service, in order to support a route to growth, user acquisition and market traction.

Whilst the specific nature of the challenges differs for every business, we love rolling up our sleeves and getting into the trenches alongside founders.  We work hard to get under the skin of what they want to achieve, providing assistance and insight on how communications, media and marketing channels could support them in accelerating their growth.

Kirsty tells us what she loves most about being part of a startup’s journey: “It’s incredibly rewarding to see businesses grow from infancy into something more mature and established. Startup life is fast-paced and relentless – being integral to that journey and witnessing the hard work and passion is an exciting stage to be a part of.  Plus, you never know when you could be working with the next Unicorn, right?!”


Hitting the sweet spot

The tip-off from WAYRA is that there are some amazing things happening under its roof this year.  We have a host of experience working with tech businesses – large and small – across a multitude of sectors so we are excited to find out who we will be working with and what elements/aspects of our experience can be applied to help them flourish.

Done right, creative and impactful PR campaigns can help tech businesses overcome their challenges, but to really thrive, businesses should be looking to integrate their comms, media and marketing strategies. Why? Because this is the sweet spot that can genuinely help startups attract customers, form partnerships, recruit the best talent, secure funding and win awards.

In our experience, it’s never too early for a business to start thinking about PR. Even if a startup is not yet ready to launch or seek investment, there’s always preparations that can be made in advance. Working with WAYRA’s early-stage startups means we’ll be able to get them to consider how to use messaging and narrative across channels – right from the beginning – putting it at the heart of their operations. Kirsty best sums this up: “We’ve found that when comms becomes a ‘way of thinking’, businesses have the best chance of success. It means no PR opportunities are missed, and businesses are able to form genuine relationships with relevant media.”

We can’t wait to get stuck in and see what WAYRA’s cohort of innovators are working on!