01 Sep 2018
Image of startup team working at a desk

Luminous PR featured in Norfolk Developers Magazine: Youth in Tech Edition

We talk education and innovation with Norfolk Developers Magazine!

We’re thrilled to share our second article for Norfolk Developers Magazine – NorDev, for short. This special edition is all about youth and education in tech.

While we don’t have have a lot to do with ‘youth’ (unless you count our young and spritely team), education is a topic very dear to our hearts. In fact, one of our company values is “we are curious”. This reminds us of our commitment to learning and ensures it doesn’t fall by the wayside when things get busy.

In our article for Norfolk Developers magazine, we argue that creating a culture of learning is an important business move. While it’s important for everyone, we think it’s particularly valuable for tech companies as it helps them be more creative and innovate better. Not only that, but learning allows staff to live happier, healthier, wealthier, and even longer, lives.


Click here to read our full article in NorDev magazine – it’s on page 4!