08 Dec 2017
The Luminous List | December 2017

The Luminous List | December 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We may only be a week into December, but we are well and truly in the Christmas spirit here at Luminous PR. The decorations are up, the Christmas tunes are blaring, and we’re looking forward to our office Christmas party later this week. However, it’s not the time to wind down for the holidays quite yet. Most news desks are still hard at work ensuring they have enough content to cover the festive season, and Christmas can increase the demand placed on many businesses, even tech firms. For many, it’s the perfect time to roll out upgrades or new platforms when everyone else is on holiday, or it’s just a good chance to cash in on the holiday spending.

One tech firm that’s certainly not signed off yet is Amazon. The online giant has just launched in Australia, allowing it to serve a further 24 million customers. This new development is expected to raise the value of the Australian online shopping market to A$31.4bn (£17.9bn) by 2022, but it does come with challenges. Australia is a large country, with communities spread far apart but clustered around its coastline. This will push up the cost of deliveries, as well as making it more difficult to deliver in some cases. Despite this, Amazon is expected to roll out its ‘next-day delivery’ option in Australia in 2018. Only time will tell how Amazon delivers!

Now, on to the rest of the Luminous List…


Hot stuff ?

Hello, Tech Nation! 

We’ve always been big fans of Tech City UK and the great work they do. Though they initially focussed on the London tech cluster, they’re now committed to championing tech across the country. To match their new national mission, Tech City UK will now be known as Tech Nation.

Theresa May and Phillip Hammond announced the rebrand in November, along with an additional £21 million in funding over the next four years for Tech Nation. As well as helping the development of the region’s tech hotspots, the funding will also be used to create the Tech Nation Visa scheme, which is an entry option for exceptionally talented individuals from around the world, who want to apply to work in the UK. Combined with the creation of a Digital Business Academy, to train and develop 40,000 people with the skills to start their own business, Tech Nation will unify and strengthen the UK as a global tech force.

Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech City UK (soon to be Tech Nation), said: “We are thrilled that the UK Government is backing the development of digital entrepreneurship and the tech sector across the UK. Tech Nation will help transform London and the UK from a series of standalone tech hubs into a powerful national network that will place the UK firmly at the top of global tech rankings. This will ensure that conditions for tech talent and international investment become even more attractive at this crucial point in the UK’s history.”

We’re not the only ones buzzed about TechNation. A number of tech firms have spoken out in support of the development, including figures from the likes of JustEat, the Floow, Pockit, and Dream Agility. Keep up the good work, Tech Nation!


Tech predictions for 2018 

As 2017 draws to a close, predictions of what 2018 has in store for us are appearing in our newsfeeds and inboxes.

We’ll be making our own tech predictions for 2018 in the new year, but here are a few that have piqued our interest so far…

  • TechCrunch reckons that voice assistants like Google Home and the Amazon Alexa will be common ideas in our homes by the end of 2018. Not only do they predict that the content offered by these devices will improve, but they’ll also start to offer increasingly targeted and hoped-to-be “welcomed” incentives, promotions and ads. TechCrunch also predicts that Blockchain will become not only more widely used but better understood and accepted beyond the tech community.
  • As well as the usual suspects (AI, machine learning, and the IOT), the Next Web’s list of tech predictions includes a couple of items we weren’t expecting. In their recap of trends that shaped 2017, the Next Web cited Influencer Marketing as being very impactful. While we’re already total converts when it comes to influencer marketing, it was interesting to see it named by TNW. We were also surprised to see more ‘retro’ marketing tactics like word-of-mouth schemes and referral initiatives predicted to make a come-back in 2018.
  • Forrester issued some interesting predictions regarding cybersecurity and cybercrime. Namely, they think that cybercriminals will use ransomware to shut down point of sale systems, and more cybercriminals will be motivated by financial gain, rather than just the thrill of causing havoc. Read the full report over on Tech Republic.


Spotify’s 2017 Wrapped 

What better way to bring 2017 to a close than with a carefully-curated playlist of your most-played songs this year? That’s exactly what Spotify has created with their 2017 Wrapped feature.

As well as a playlist of your top 100 songs, Spotify also presents users with a playlist of ‘the ones that got away’ – tunes you haven’t played yet, but you’ll probably love. The new seasonal experience also generates a short quiz so you can test how well you know your own listening habits, before providing you with a whole load of data about what you listened to in 2017. Here’s what our brand communications manager, Melissa, has had in her headphones this year…

2017 wrapped

We’re like magpies when it comes to interesting nuggets of data, so we really enjoyed discovering Spotify’s Unwrapped feature. However, we do think they missed a trick with their social media integration. Clicking the social ‘share’ button simply populates an uninspiring tweet with a link to the 2017 Wrapped site. We would have liked to have seen some graphics or interactive content that matched the online experience. But of course, you can’t have everything!


Christmas holidays!

Like everyone else, we’re looking forward to a well-deserved break over the Christmas period.

Just an early heads up that we will be closing Friday 22nd December in the afternoon, and re-opening at 9:30 on Tuesday 2nd January!


And finally… the Bad Stuff ?

Christmas shopping in December 

It’s starting to seem like a lose-lose situation.

Do you brave the crowds and trudge around real bricks-and-mortar stores to pick up gifts for your loved ones? Or do you order it all online and hope it all arrives on time, making a mental note to be more organised next year? Luckily, there are a few retailers feeling very confident in their ability to deliver. Highstreet hero, Next, promise to deliver your Christmas shopping before the big day, or it’s yours for free. We know where we’ll be picking up our presents this year…


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