Luminous CEO, Kirsty Jarvis, featured in Lady Boss Blogger


Luminous founder and CEO, Kirsty Jarvis, recently spoke to Lady Boss Blogger about her inspiration behind Luminous PR, and how she stays motivated.

Lady Boss Blogger is a business and lifestyle blog, focussing on female entrepreneurs from all sectors. Here’s just a sneak preview of Kirsty’s interview with Lady Boss Blogger founder, Elaine:

“Building a strong reputation was also really important for us – especially as a PR agency. We knew it wasn’t just about building turnover, but creating a good reputation which would pay dividends. We were – and still are – selective about the clients we take on so we know we can do the best job possible. With those early jobs, we spent a lot of time creating case studies out of them, and used them to market ourselves to similar brands.”

Head over to Lady Boss Blogger to read the full article!

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