15 Sep 2017
London Fashion Week Tech

London Fashion Week 2017: What the tech?!

Exciting times ahead for fashion, tech, and fashion-tech lovers everywhere as London Fashion Week kicks off today and runs until 19 September.

Last year, we couldn’t stop ourselves from blogging all about the tech on show at London Fashion Week 2016. To see AI, AR, VR, and IoT taking to the runways, along with some gorgeous clothes, was almost too exciting for us!

Fast forward twelve months, and here we are once again watching the event closely. Not only for what colours we should be wearing in 2018, but also what fashion tech is the next ‘must have’.

LFW has only just kicked off, and already we’re seeing clever uses of tech start to emerge. Here are just a few of the examples we’ve spotted so far, but we’re certain there’ll be more as the week goes on! 


The designer app

Much like a handbag you can’t live without, there is now the app you won’t be able to survive London Fashion Week 2017 without.

From New York to Milan, the Launchmetrics app is ready to carry any fashionista through Fashion Week season. Feature-packed, users of the app can request invites to shows and events, search and see images from designers, and use tags such as prints, florals, and colour blocking so the get the product information they want.

Not only that, they can access brand pages to follow the labels they love, and even contact brands directly to request samples or show access.

A definite app for a fashion insider, you need to be a member to sign up for it. However, this could just be the start of fashion apps of the future for the everyday consumer.


The softer side of technology

When you think of technology, you don’t often think of something floaty and pretty. But that is just what it is creating in the form of digitally printed textiles.

Creating the materials used by the designers have ranged from the organic to the technical, and one designer is showing a whole digitally-printed collection this London Fashion Week.

Filipino designer John Herrera has already achieved much acclaim and awards for his designs using technology created textiles. He is bringing it to the runways again using the same technology to digitally print new materials.


They just can’t stop talking about it

So it’s not just us that’s a bit tech obsessed. In the lead up to LFW, the organisers also hosted their own London Fashion Tech Festival. From discussing how tech is transforming the retail customer experience, and the rise of smart materials, to where tech will take fashion in the future, the event showed just how linked these two sectors have become.

And in case the fashion sector had not got its fill of tech leading up to the big event, a leading retail tech start-up is hosting its inaugural talk called Consumer First: The Next Big Thing in Fashion.

Metail uses technology to enhance the online shopping experience and its talk will examine how tech is empowering choice, delivery and design for consumers.

According to Metail, digital companies are disrupting the supply chain and tech entrepreneurs, retail giants, and industry experts will join together to gain a greater insight.

As far as we are concerned, this is what fashion technology is all about – not the clothes on the model, but bring fashion to the consumer in the best way possible.


Is fashion tech such a big deal?

There seems to us to be a little undercurrent of acceptance when it comes to the relationship between fashion and technology.

Just twelve months ago, the thought of VR or AR taking on the fashion sector was revolutionary. However, this London Fashion Week, there seems to be a vibe of acceptance.

This no tech revolution, it is here, and it seems to be working.

And in our opinion, it looks good!