07 Apr 2020

Plan your lockdown PR activity – Free Q&A sessions to help you stay visible

Paying it forward, the only way we know how.  

Over the last few weeks, the Luminous team has had a lot of questions about how businesses should be shifting their communication efforts to lockdown PR activity.  The people we are working with are either asking for help with how they can stay visible in a remote world… or are looking for ways to support and boost ongoing sales activity and growth opportunities through 100% digital – rather than face-to-face – channels. 

During our conversations, we’ve witnessed some amazing acts of kindness from these businesses who themselves are fighting hard for survival.  Businesses are clearly dealing with a lot of stress and uncertainty and yet, what has been humbling is to see how many of you are still finding ways to help out and make a difference to the communities around them.  So we want to do the same and pay some of this goodwill forward by helping you guys to work on your PR hustle.


Let Luminous help you plan your lockdown PR activity.

For the next few weeks, the Luminous team will be making themselves available on a Tuesday afternoon – from 2-6pm – to help businesses plan their lockdown PR activity over the next few months.  We will be answering your questions and guiding you through some of your communications challenges via FREE 30 minute 1-2-1 virtual chats which you can book through our contact form here —->

We like a challenge!  In fact, the bigger the challenge, the better. And remember, no question is a stupid question, so don’t be shy!


What other businesses have asked us over the last few weeks…

  • What should I be doing to stay on the radar of investors?
  • How can I use social channel to stay visible and make new connections?
  • Outside of Covid-19, what is interesting to the media right now?
  • What type of content should I be producing?
  • Help!  We are in crisis and need to know what to say to our customers.
  • We have something that would genuinely help with the Coronavirus efforts, how can I get the word out so that we can be useful?
  • How can I keep up successful internal comms and make it engaging when the team is spread across geographies
  • I’m on the brink of launching my new product – do I wait? 


You got this

If you are a business that simply can’t hibernate until this blows over, and has no choice but to get out there and keep fighting, the good news is that there is still a lot you can be doing with little (or even zero) budget, to help with attracting sales and keeping up visibility with the outside world.

We’ve a long history of helping tech businesses of all shapes and sizes with their PR hustle by giving coaching and mentorship.  There are heaps of great tips that you can be doing in-house, even when budgets are on hold.

Any of you that know us already will know that we are a sociable bunch and we’re missing getting out and meeting you all so, if some completely free advice about your lockdown PR activity would be useful, drop us a line as we’d love to (virtually) meet you and help out where we can.

Once again, dropping us a line here and we’ll come back to you with some suggestions for times to chat.