09 Nov 2017
tech PR agency meeting

How to pick a tech PR agency

Choices, choices 

Just like choosing your date for a Saturday night, choosing the right tech PR agency can be a tricky business. While the right agency could see your brand soar to new heights, the wrong one could leave you out of pocket with little to show for it.

With around 4,200 PR agencies in the UK alone it can seem like an overwhelming decision. Many businesses simply can’t afford to not get that ROI after investing in a service like PR.

Trying to make a big decision like this for your business could send your stress levels soaring, but don’t panic! Take heart in the fact that research suggests that the more stress we feel, the more positively we look at the decision. According to the researchers, we actually block out negative thoughts and look for the upside.

So it’s not all bad! And as always, Luminous PR is here to help. Take a look at our five handy hints to help you make the right decision.


Know what you want. What you really, really want!

The Spice Girls were not known for having the most insightful of lyrics, but when it comes to picking the right tech PR agency, this pearl of wisdom is spot on!

Ever heard the saying “only fools rush in”? As with most things in life, being prepared is the key to success. From our experience, most businesses know they need PR, but most are not really 100% sure why.

Before you go out to find a PR agency, spend some time working out what you really want to achieve. How can you expect to pick the right agency if you are not sure what you want them to deliver?

Do they need to specialise in a certain area? Who do you want to target? What are your deal breakers?

Spending some time now creating an in-depth brief will provide you with a checklist down the line. Knowing what you want now will mean you won’t be left disappointed.


You won’t know if you don’t ask

Questions are the best way to learn and our brains crave the knowledge. Studies show that as children, we ask an incredible 390 questions per day! That is an average of one question every minute and 56 seconds!

We tend to slow down on the questions as we get older. But when it comes to making an important decision for your business, don’t be afraid to prepare a few questions in advance – and know what answers you are looking for. If they don’t give you what you want, move on.

This is your chance to find out what each agency is all about and the perfect time to find out if you can work together. Plus, if they avoid answering certain questions now, this could give you an indication of your working relationship in the future.

No one wants to work with a PR company that could go MIA at crucial moments.

Not sure what sort of questions you should be asking? Start with our guide on the top questions to ask and add some more that are relevant to your search.


A little research goes a long way

Don’t take everything at face value. When considering a tech PR agency, do some thorough investigative work. Head to their website yourself, take a look at their social media, read their case studies, take a look at the clients they have worked with already.

Don’t expect the PR agencies to show you everything – warts and all! You need to take responsibility for your own knowledge.

Most PR agencies would have researched you so get on the front foot, and know everything about who is pitching to you.

When it comes to making a purchase, 61% of customers read online reviews before making a decision. So why, when we do it before spending money on a washing machine or a meal at a restaurant, will we search for other opinions, but not when spending money on PR?

You could always ask around. You may have asked for recommendations when you started your search, and you would have given Google a workout before reaching out, so don’t stop there.

Remember, knowledge is power!


Get excited about something

As the pitches roll in and the decisions need to be made, it would be easy to get lost in the information. Whilst you need to check off important points – style or working, length of contract, budget etc – you also need to get excited.

All it takes is one idea. Something different. Something that gives you the buzz.

The PR companies standing in front of you would have worked hard to meet your brief but look out for those moments of creative genius. If the idea gives you tingles, that can be hard to let go.

It goes without saying that this should not distract you from the nuts and bolts, but if a PR company is willing to think a little bit outside of that notorious metaphorical box, then they deserve some attention.


Go with your gut

How many times have you spent hours weighing up the pros and cons of a decision, only for it still not ‘feel right’? This might not be the most scientific tip we could give you for picking a tech PR agency, but it could be the most important.

If there is one thing that would guide you towards making the right decision, it is to think of your PR company as an extension of your team. The chemistry has to be right, and if you don’t feel it now, there could be problems down the line.

Don’t overlook this chemistry working on all levels too. Find out who will be working with who on a regular basis and make sure they can work well together too. Teamwork makes the dream work!

So if you are on the hunt for a new PR company, take our advice. Investing a little time now will save headaches later.


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