06 Sep 2017
how to use web design to strengthen your brand

How to Build Your Brand Through Web Design

Building a brand through web design is a tough assignment, but it needs to be strongly considered to ensure your business model succeeds. Many businesses pile loads of money into marketing and advertising strategies, but they fall behind their competitors when it comes to web design branding. If you’re looking to build your brand through web design to ensure users get the best experience, consider the following tips below.


Colour Is Important

One of the first things to consider is the colour of the website design. Colour plays a crucial role in brand-building, so you’ll need to ensure the right colour palette is used. Consumers look at brands through colour to acknowledge the website they’re on before they even look at the written content.


The Right Characteristics

Your brand needs to have character. Otherwise, you’re going to find it hard to define what your business is about. Many businesses like to incorporate human characteristics to give their brand the human feel their customers desire. For example, a logo with a smiley face sometimes gives off the human appeal. Characteristics are hugely important to brand building, so certain human additions can play a vital role.


A Consistent Brand

You need your consumers to remember what your brand is all about and the only way you can do that is to make it consistently memorable. Brands like McDonald’s base their website on the yellow and red colours they use within their restaurants. They also brand all their packaging around the same elements, creating a consistent design throughout their business. This is an excellent way to build brand awareness, so whenever a consumer sees your colours, they’re going to know it’s your business without even having to look at any of the written details.


Position of the Logo

While it’s a simple detail, it’s still one that can make a difference – ensure your logo is positioned correctly at the top-left of the page, as that’s where customers look first to see where they are. It’s also important to link your logo to the homepage of your site, as that’s where surfers click these days instead of using the standard home link on the navigation bar. It’s also crucial you get the size of the logo right to ensure it mixes perfectly with the other design elements on the main page.


Fast Page Loading Times Are Mandatory

You don’t want to paint your brand in a negative light. It is important to always ensure the user experience is at the top of your list of priorities. Enhancing a user’s experience can start from page loading times. Page loading speeds can be increased by caching, optimizing content and images, and choosing the best web hosting provider that can give you the speeds you crave.

Brand building is something that needs to be considered as a priority, otherwise, your brand isn’t going to be memorable and your consumers are likely going to be bored with the web user experience on offer.