15 May 2017

How PR And Social Media Can Maximise Your ROI On Events

Done right, a leading industry event can provide great ROI for your business – especially when combined with clever use of PR and social media.

How to get the most out of events


So you’ve signed up to that incredibly influential industry event, or even decided to host your own. Now what?

Having a strong profile at relevant events can be incredibly valuable, but clever use of PR and social media can help maximise the ROI of events even more.

Here are our top tips for getting the most bang for your buck when hosting or attending events.


Live tweeting


In a perfect world, we’d all be live-tweeting from the events we attended. Sharing live updates helps brands become visible to a larger, more engaged audience.

Forbes found that TV shows inspired 64% more discussion when cast members live-tweeted during the episode. The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism found that live blogs get 300% more views than conventional online reports about the same topic.

In our experience, live tweeting never happens by chance. Before the event, decide which team member will be responsible for tweeting and taking photos at the event. Don’t pick someone who’s delivering a presentation – they already have enough to worry about and it just won’t get done!

As well as taking pictures and sharing relevant updates from the event, your designated social media person should also be keeping an eye out for other people’s comments about the event and sharing those too. It’s a whole lot easier if the event has an engaged community and a dedicated hashtag.

If you don’t have the resource to have a team member on the ground tweeting from the event, you can always get them to send photos and info to a team member back at the office. You can even get your PR team to help out, provided they’re thoroughly briefed. Which leads us on to our next point…


Have a PR team? Get them involved! 


Most PR teams are more than happy to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in with helping out at client events.

There’s a wide range of events your PR team can capitalise on for social media and PR. Of course, they’ll be able to do more with a speaking slot at a conference than attendance at a launch party, but it’s all relevant! In particular, let us know about the following…

In particular, be sure to let your PRs know well in advance if you land yourself a gig at any of the following:

  • Conference speaking slots
  • Stands at trade shows
  • Webinars/tutorials
  • Awards ceremonies – whether nominee or guest
  • Opening ceremonies/launch events
  • Team events/team-building
  • Community events
  • Any time your brand could be getting exposure outside the office


What your PR team will need to know to promote your event


If you’re attending any of the events listed above, here’s a list of the details you should supply your PR agency with, plus some insight into how and why they’ll use it…


What exactly is the event?

A conference, a breakfast, a launch party?
When and where?
Who’s organising/hosting it?
What are the event social media handles and #hashtags?


Are you allowed to talk about it?

We can’t do anything without sign off from organisers/hosts. Doing so could damage ongoing relationships with them, and any journalists that may be affected.


How will you be participating?

Speaking, running a stand, sponsoring event?


If speaking, what are you speaking about?

Giving us an early look at your slides/presentation will allow us to schedule tweets to go out during your presentation.


Who else will be at the event?

We want to be sure we’re following and engaging with relevant speakers, exhibitors, and delegates to maximise the ROI on your attendance.


Will there be press at the event?

If you have a speaking slot or are sponsoring an event, you will usually have access to the event’s press list. Pass this on to us! If there are no plans to invite journalists, find out if there is capacity at the event to offer press passes, and we’ll get in touch with relevant journalists.


When it comes to events, brands generally get out what they put in. Spend time planning, and creating a buzz around your event, and you’re much more likely to see your hard work paid off!


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