26 Jul 2016
How augmented reality is shaping our future

How augmented reality is shaping our future

Looking to buy a new house that’s currently in development, but can’t imagine what it will look like? Don’t panic. Soon you’ll be able to use augmented reality to take a tour of your potential new home. 

Your children go to school. They immerse themselves in the environments of the past and learn from the pop ups facts that appear over the items of history. And don’t even get us started on how they will do their homework!

For many years, the tech scene has been playing with the concept of reality. Now, with the popular arrival of Pokemon GO, a glimpse has been given to potential consumers into a whole new world.

What was once considered a sci-fi fantasy, appearing only on film and from the minds of crazy scientists, is now taking creeping into our everyday lives. Think back to films like the 1993 hit Demolition Man where everything (and we mean everything) was done on a level devoid of human contact. Or the Matrix where everyone interacted on another dimension. 

We have to ask, as this technology begins to takes over the world, are we losing touch with our reality – and each other?

While augmented reality is all about overlaying a virtual level over real world environments (think little colourful creatures running down your street), technology is moving so fast, that companies are now clamouring to combine these layers with virtual experiences too.

Videos have appeared to show what our new life could look like. At a recent event in China, Magic Leap showcased a 70 second clip introducing augmented reality to the way we shop. Put simply, retail will never be the same.

Apps are appearing that can overlay furniture and appliances into your room so you can see what it will look like before you buy it – definitely a new way to try before you buy!

Even supermarket giant Tesco has been getting in on the augmented reality act, trialling new ways to showcase products and allow customers to interact with them.

It’s an exciting time. For an industry like PR and communications, the promotional opportunities could be endless. However, we must be careful not to lose the human element of what makes a product or service so great.

While putting on the AR helmet or VR goggles may open up a whole new world, will it shut us off from the real world around us?

We are taking our first steps into a new world driven by some of the most exciting technology we have ever seen. It will change the way we live, how we learn, and how we do business.

This is our reality. Are you ready?

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