04 Jan 2019

Here are the marketing resolutions the LPR team are making this new year…

Welcome, 2019!

Like every other new year, we’re filled with cheerful optimism and a desire to load up on vegetables.

And what better way to kick off 2019 with a blog post about new year’s resolutions?!

We know there’s plenty of these knocking about at the moment, so we thought we’d do something a little different. Rather than rehashing some marketing and PR advice from an old blog post and labelling it “New Year’s Resolutions”, we asked the Luminous team to share their work-related goals and ambitions for 2019.

We pride ourselves on our top-notch marketing, PR, and social media knowledge. However, we’re not big-headed about it. We know there’s always more to learn. We’re so curious, we even made it one of our company values – more on those later this year!

For now, check out what the Luminous PR team are hoping to achieve this year. Spoiler alert: they’re going for gold!


David Biggins, Digital Marketing Manager 

“There are two main things I’d like to achieve this year.

“Firstly, I want to listen to more tech and marketing podcasts. I’ve got no excuse; I walk to work and can easily fit in ten or fifteen minutes of podcasty goodness and you can learn so much that you wouldn’t otherwise hear about unless you were really hot on researching new trends. I’ve started listening to the EdTech Podcast and I’m really excited about all of the benefits that technology is bringing (and will bring) to education. Next up is the Internet of Things Podcast!

“Secondly, I’d also like to experiment more with LinkedIn, especially their blog. Twitter and Instagram are becoming way too saturated with adverts, and Facebook’s organic reach has become pitiful, so I think a lot of marketers are looking elsewhere to make an impact with their social media. I keep reading about the ‘age of Instagram’ but I’m seeing a much higher level of authenticity on LinkedIn, and I think that being ‘real’ is always a businesses best route to success on social media. Also, LinkedIn also hasn’t had their fingers burned by scandal, unlike the other big social media companies…”


Yasmin Gray, Social Media Manager 

“I’ve just come back from maternity leave, so my first challenge is getting my head back in the game! This year, I will work on new ways to create fun and engaging content for the Luminous brand. We have a lot of tried and tested methods that guarantee success, but we want to try new things to keep social media exciting for us and our clients.”


Kirsty Jarvis, Founder & CEO 

“I have lots of resolutions this year that are aligned to making sure I am being the best leader I can be for the Luminous team.

“One of the biggest resolutions I’ve set myself should push me firmly outside of my comfort zone in 2019.  I’m setting myself a challenge to volunteer for more speaking opportunities this year where I can deliver insight to help businesses and entrepreneurs with their PR and communications plans.  I’m very comfortable working one-on-one with business teams around a table.  But just recently I’ve developed a fear of public speaking which is totally ridiculous – if you give me a microphone and a jazz standard, I’d have no fear of standing on stage at all.  This fear is something I am going to work hard on conquering this year and I believe the only way to get over it is to just do more of it.

“I’m also looking to pick up some new skills that will help me along the way and my hope is that actually start enjoying it.  Any tips would be welcomed and I promise to share what I’ve learnt with you lovely lot!”


Sophie Morrow, Senior PR Account Manager 

“My resolution for 2019 is to be more organised! I’m taking on even more client projects this year, so I need to ensure I am totally on the ball. Rather than being surrounded by a cloud of sticky notes when I’m working, I’ll be up to my eyes in spreadsheets. Google Docs is my new best friend…”


Alexandra North, Senior PR Account Manager 

“I’d like to put more time and energy into drilling down into areas of the tech landscape where my knowledge only really skims the surface at the moment. In particular, I want to learn more about the tech subsectors where the most significant and exciting changes are happening. In my role, it’s essential for me to invest in my knowledge so that I can deliver an outstanding PR and thought leadership experience for our clients. And while I feel confident in certain territories – such as digital transformation and smart city technologies, for example – it’s definitely time to stretch myself and convert those non-comfort zones into areas where I can shine with a solid knowledge base and network.

“To achieve this, I’m going to read and research a whole lot more, as well as attending targeted networking events. I’m also going to strive to develop new, targeted and meaningful media relations with editorial professionals in these new areas too so that I can deliver the best experience for our clients.”


Melissa Taylor, Content Manager

“I’m always on a mission to improve my writing, by writing more, reading more, and generally just being stricter with myself. Every word I use should be worth something. If it doesn’t add to the piece, I should take it out. As ever, this year I will be keeping my eyes peeled for any tips, tricks, and tools to help me keep improving my writing.

“I’m also going to keep improving my digital marketing and content strategy knowledge. I’m planning on doing a Google accredited Digital Garage course to brush up my skills. I also plan to read a few books. On my reading list is Content: the Atomic Particle of Marketing and They Ask You Answer. Our digital marketing manager, David, is a font of knowledge on these things so I’ll work closely with him on this.”


Lindsay Womack, Account Manager

“I have three New Year’s Resolution for 2019! My main one is to keep improving my account management skills. It takes a great deal of discipline and organisation to keep all your clients (and journalists) happy, and to keep on top of all media opportunities! We’re pretty good at this, but as ever there’s always room for improvement.

“My second one is to make more connections with journalists in the tech sector. I’d like to host at least four journalist meetups or events this year.

“Lastly, I’d like to hone my writing skills this year. I’m more confident with the pitching and media relations side of PR, so it’s time to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I’d love to be able to help Alexandra and Melissa more with the content writing.”