05 Dec 2018

Getting to know Luminous PR: David Biggins, digital marketing manager

David joined the Luminous team back in March 2018. Since then, he’s been an essential part of the team. David looks after all things associated with digital marketing – both for Luminous PR and our clients. Keep reading to find out more… 


Who are you? And what is your role at Luminous?

I’m David! I’m Luminous PR’s first digital marketing manager.

There’s a lot of variety in my work. Sometimes I might be poring through data, looking for insights for ourselves and our clients, other times I might be writing a social media strategy, or even doing some video-editing!


What is your Luminous Superpower?

I’m a marketing strategist, so I bring fresh recommendations to clients on how they can supercharge their marketing.


What made you get into PR?

While Luminous PR is my first job working in PR (my background is marketing), I worked on quite a few big communications campaigns for the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and really got the bug!


What is your favourite PR campaign and why?

I’m a big fan of the IET’s #9PercentIsNotEnough campaign (which, haha, I helped with). It raised awareness of the lack of women in engineering (in 2016, only 9% of engineers in the UK were women) and helped to inspire young women to consider a career in engineering.

It really struck a chord. The campaign is over two years old now, but the hashtag is still used whenever the lack of diversity in engineering appears in the news.

It was a simple campaign that caught fire on Twitter because it resonated with a lot of people who already wanted to do more to tackle the lack of gender diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). Great social media campaigns bring people together so that disparate voices can speak as a single community.

As it’s nearly Christmas, I also have to mention WestJet’s Christmas Miracle from 2013. Watch the video below, and I promise you that you’ll be gob-smacked about the audacity and scale of it all. It’s a big, bold, Christmassy extravaganza that’s cinematic in its storytelling. A brand really gets it right when its PR and marketing reinforce the idea that the most important thing to the company is its customers!


What is your go-to social media platform?

I honestly think that using Twitter can be an enriching experience (if you follow the right tweeters). I’ve found some brilliant blogs, podcasts, games, films and bands (and even a flat!) through Twitter recommendations.


Do you have a favourite piece of technology? Why?

Tough question! At the moment I’m using the Duolingo app to improve my French. So far, I’m enjoying and I think it’s helping. My wife’s using it as well and I’m really competitive, so the gamification aspect is really working as I try to make sure that every day I’m spending more time learning than she is!

I’m also a bit of a smart-technology addict, and I’m very interested to see how the smart-speaker and smart-home market develop over the next few years. I have several Amazon Echo’s in my house and I love being able to turn the lights on or play a bit of music, through speaking. It’s like living in Star Trek!


What does your ideal weekend look like?

My ideal weekend would probably be abroad somewhere, sitting trackside with a beer watching the Formula One! Sadly, that normally only happens once a year…

My weekends are normally filled with films, guinea pigs and vegetables. I get up quite early to watch an old film, then head out somewhere with my wife, often our allotment. We try to fit in a cinema trip if we can, and we’ll always do a full-blown roast (often cooking our homegrown veg). We’ll also probably end up watching an episode of something on TV with our two guinea pigs sitting on our laps.


If you could have a theme song for your life, what would it be?

I think my theme song changes depending on my mood. If I’m feeling sentimental and reflective, Too Young To Die by the Divine Comedy. If I’m in the mood to dance, and get other people dancing, Tiger Feet by Mud.


And finally, tea or coffee? 

I drink both but I don’t think I could make it through the day without a coffee, so if you held a hot kettle to my head I’d say coffee.