28 Jan 2019
Yasmin Gray, social media manager

Getting to know Luminous PR: Yasmin Gray, social media manager

Our social media manager, Yasmin, has just returned to Luminous after taking nine months out for her maternity leave. Yasmin looks after all things social: she schedules posts for our clients, looks after the Luminous channels, advises on social media strategy, and even picks up the odd bit of content writing. Keep reading to find out more about Yasmin, and how social media fits into tech PR… 

Who are you, and what is your role at Luminous? 

I’m Yasmin and I have been the social media manager at Luminous for 2 years.


What is your Luminous superpower? 

My Luminous superpower is social media. I help our clients get seen by their target audience through the power of multiple social channels.


What made you get into PR?

I love seeing the way social media and tech PR can work hand in hand. It’s great being able to see a buzz from social media around a new piece of PR.


What’s your favourite PR campaign and why? 

My favourite PR campaign would probably be the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. Dove started the real beauty campaign after conducting research that found only 2% of women see themselves as beautiful. The brand responded with a campaign that used “real” women in their marketing rather than professional models.


What is your go-to social media platform? 

My go-to social platform has to be Instagram. I love the opportunity for creativity that it gives. Being able to write a long caption means you have more opportunity to engage with your audience and build real relationships.


Do you have a favourite piece of technology? Why?

My favourite piece of technology is probably my Fitbit. It makes sure I keep up to a decent rate of activity day-to-day and I also love being able to track how I’ve slept. I’m a very competitive person, so me and my husband like to track each other during the day and see who is doing the most steps.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

My dream weekend would be spent exploring a new Italian city. I’d love to eat breakfast with a hot coffee outside a local cafe, stroll along the cobbled streets drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, and spend the afternoon riding around on a white Vespa.


If you could have a theme song for your life, what would it be?

Sandi Thom – I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker.


And finally, tea or coffee to start the day? 

Coffee all the way! I couldn’t start my day if I didn’t pick up an oat milk latte from my favourite local coffee shop.