Category: PR

06 Feb 2017
fake news

What does fake news mean for PR?

The value and integrity of the media is being threatened by this current influx of fake news. Here’s what it means for PR, and how we can arm against it. 

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24 Nov 2016
corporate pr

Tech PR for corporates

Corporate tech PR is very different to helping tech startups raise their profile. Here are some key things tech corporates need to remember in their PR… 

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14 Sep 2016
marketing and sales

How to use PR in marketing and sales

PR, marketing, and sales. They may all be very distinct channels for communicating with your target audience, but there’s a lot more overlap than you think.

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09 Sep 2016
What is a pr campaign?

What is a PR campaign?

Many smart businesses have a hard time pinning down just what public relations is. Let’s bust 5 common PR campaign myths in this blog post.

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