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15 Mar 2018
tech hub East Anglia: picture of Norwich market

UK Tech Hubs: East Anglia

Tech life beyond London Although we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of tech news from all over the country, it can be easier said than done. Titles like UK Tech News are making a conscious effort to cover regional tech hubs, but most national tech publications are very London-centric. If you want to find tech news from […]

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04 Sep 2017
what is foodtech?

What is FoodTech?

Hungry for knowledge about the latest tech trends? We’re exploring FoodTech: What is it, and how will it be changing the way we eat in the very near future?

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09 May 2017
smart cities reality check

Smart cities: expectation vs reality

Do our expectations match reality when it comes to smart cities? We are used to smartphones, smart cars, smart TVs, and even smart meters, but are we ready for whole smart cities? We already have Alexa and Google Home increasing our connectivity behind closed doors, but what about when we step outside? By 2050, more […]

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