Using PR to show-off your brightest sparks.

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Using PR to show-off your brightest sparks.

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We buy from brands we trust. What factors create trust? Reputation, reliability, word of mouth, product excellence? These are all very important factors. But at the heart of everything is people. Your experts. You have a great team, and you should leverage them to help your brand shine. This is where Luminous delivers.

We’re brilliant at defining and communicating the expertise that sits within your team and using it to show why your targets should engage with your brand. Much of this expertise comes from our journalistic background, so we have an innate understanding of what will resonate with the audience we need to target. It’s also a product of our sector knowledge. Technology is our bread and butter, and we have carefully defined processes to help us get to know you and your people quickly and effectively.

This means your colleagues will come to trust us quickly, and we will deliver meaningful results rapidly. We’ve mapped out a 30-day kick off strategy to ensure we utilise every minute of your time, and budget, effectively. We don’t over-promise, but we will set ambitious targets with you.

Our industry knowledge is superb

We will understand what sets your insight apart quickly. That knowledge ensures we prepare content that will resonate with your target audiences.

We are expert storytellers

We transform your insight into compelling content and campaigns that always appeal to journalists. We know this because many of us used to be journalists before joining Luminous.

We'll help you find the right tone of voice

We will help you and your colleagues to find the right tone of voice, and ensure that all your team profile building activity has consistency, personality and resonance.

We'll identify key channels

We will then identify the best channels to communicate your content, whether that be traditional top tier media, specialist press or social media.

We'll prepare your spokepeople

We’ll prepare your spokespeople for media engagements with appropriate levels of media training, and we will be there with you every step of the way, supporting your team as they develop their profile.


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