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Attract investors to your UK business with PR

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Securing the ideal investor is often key to propelling a business to triumph. Whether you’re an early-stage startup or planning to expand, it’s crucial you capture the interest of potential investors – from angel investors or securing capital funding – by inspiring them to delve deeper into your business and its potential. 

It’s important for brands looking to attract the attention of investors to carefully consider how their business is perceived by the outside world. How you pitch and market your business to them is essential because they will often visit these places prior to speaking to you.

Things to consider include:

  1. Social media channels: Ensure you are utilising the right social media channels (you don’t have to be on them all) and create profiles that are engaging, knowledgeable, helpful and most importantly updated regularly. Include links back to your website, share industry news, join conversations on related topics and use relevant hashtags. 

  1. Networking: Is your business (and its people) being seen in the places where your industry ‘hangs out?’ We are not talking about paying ‘000’s for an exhibition stand but there is so much benefit from attending trade shows to meet investors and industry peers to introduce them to your business. 

  1. Company website: Ensure your website is on brand, easy to navigate via desktop and mobile and doesn’t take an age to upload! Use it to post business updates and include information about your company including team (super important), product information and contact details. 

  1. Credibility: How does your business (and the team) look to the outside world? Are you appearing in credible media outlets, and featuring on podcasts and stages sharing unique and knowledgeable insight? 

  1. Get your story straight: Many startups we see tend to focus on the technological aspects of their products. Yet, it is important to remember that investors are interested in the business potential and promise of the business to the market. 

See below for details on our exclusive UK investment PR package for CogX.

This explain outlines our UK investment PR package, including business deep dive, pitch creation, identifying key themes, pitching and targeted media lists.
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