22 May 2017
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5 Questions to ask your tech PR agency

Decisions, decisions

You’ve experienced some success and want to show it off. You have a great story to tell. You want to launch a new app or product. Whatever your reasons for seeking out PR, you have realised that a successful PR campaign is an essential tool in growing your business.

It can be a big decision, but the search for a PR company does not need to be intimidating.

Here at Luminous PR, we know how important the relationship between agency and client is to the success of a PR campaign. So before you jump in, you might want to ask the following questions of your potential PR agency to dip your toe in the water…


How does Tech PR work?

Whilst the fundamentals of PR remain the same regardless of what sector you are in, tech PR does require a few extra special touches along the way. If you are working in a tech-driven environment, you will get best results if your PR is tailored towards this.

Ask your potential PR company HOW their tech PR approach differs, WHY it differs, and make sure you have a thorough understanding about how it works. This will help you know what they may need from you, and when, which will ultimately make the working relationship stronger.

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Who are my target audience and how will we reach them?

When it comes to putting together your tech PR strategy, knowing your target audience inside and out is essential. In fact, getting it wrong can mean your carefully thought out messages can completely miss the mark.

Knowing your audience also means knowing how to talk to them. What publications do they read? Are they knowledgeable on the subject? Do they understand the technology you are talking about?

Check your PR company really understands who your target market really is, and how they can reach them. It will help you receive the ROI you deserve.

Not sure who your target market is? Check out our handy checklist on knowing your target audience.


How important is good content and blogging?

Tech PR alone is not enough.

Any tech PR company worth its salt will tell you (over and over again) how important a good blog is. Great, informative content will not only help your PR company develop content for the media, but also to share on social media.

It will draw potential customers to your website, as well as increase your visibility in the market. What more could you ask for?

If the PR company does not sing the virtues of building good content, then walk away. They are not the right one for you!

If you are looking to create an award-winning blog to accompany your PR campaign, check out our top tips to get you started.


How will social media fit into the strategy?

We’ve already touched on the importance of good content to share on social media, but will your PR company provide any social media support?

The answer should be yes. Traditional PR channels are changing, and PR and social media often go hand-in-hand these days.

It may feel like you are struggling to keep up with the social media boom, and this is where your PR company can step in. It has an important role to play in your PR strategy so it needs to be considered from the beginning of your campaign.

Your PR company should be able to discuss which social media channels are right for you, and how you can grow these as part of your overall plans.

Here are our top tips for using social media to support tech PR.


How is success measured?

This can be tricky when you first start out on the road to PR success. It takes time and the results aren’t always instant. Some publications can take a few weeks to turn coverage around, and sometimes that killer news story you have been planning can be ‘bumped’ for some ‘breaking news’.

It is important to set realistic goals, and be wary of PR companies that promise the world. Good PR is an investment, and there should be high expectations for ROI, so make sure you work together to create sensible KPIs and discuss expectations up front.

Running a killer tech PR campaign is multi-faceted, but luckily we have explained it all.


Don’t be afraid to ask

It is important to get the most out of your PR experience, so don’t shy away from asking all the questions you may have. You don’t want to be left burnt, and out of pocket, by the end of it.

We know how important PR can be to your tech company – big or small – so be brave. You are paying for it, so you need to be happy.

Luminous PR is happy to answer these questions, and others you may have, so get in touch if you want to see how our style of PR can help your tech business shine.

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