2024 PR predictions

2023, it’s certainly kept us PR professionals on our toes.

From evolving customer behaviours and a forever-changing media landscape to a turbulent economy and a cascade of crises, this year has been an escalating call for brands to assert their positions. If you’re not being seen, then it’s quite likely you are not being heard. 

As we draw to the close of 2023, we sat down with Managing Partner Alexandra North, to find out what her predictions are for the PR industry in 2024. (We will check back throughout the year to see if she is close…).

Artificial intelligence

Both from a technology and an adoption perspective, there is still confusion about how AI can – and indeed, if it even should – support PR professionals to conduct their jobs. 

In 2024, I believe there will be winners (and losers) in those who truly embrace the technology to enhance the way they work. 

Chat will continue in the PR world on how to ethically, openly and honestly implement AI in the areas of research and creativity in particular. 

And there’ll be more evolution to discovering new, best practice approaches to PR, fuelled by a shifting regulatory landscape.

Media outlets

Non-traditional media outlets such as Reddit, YouTube and podcasts will gain even more prominence in 2024, potentially overshadowing some of the more traditional b2b trade publications.


There will be a greater demand from media outlets on having exclusivity to news stories to gain a competitive edge, meaning PRs that do not consider this in their outreach efforts already, will need to rethink timescales, media selection and targeted pitches. 

In turn, they will also have to re-learn how to manage client expectations, which are already at fiercely demanding levels.


Commercial pressure for brands will continue in 2024 leading to heightened caution about where they invest their marketing and communication budgets. 

PRs will need to go above and beyond expectations by proving value more than ever. Forget circulation figures, brands are going to want to see the genuine and tangible impact coverage is generating.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you navigate the fast-evolving PR landscape, get in touch with the team today. 

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