07 Jul 2016

You can’t rely on Tech PR alone

Bon Jovi and Tech PRHow communications strategy influences business growth

It’s no secret that Jon Bon Jovi is the fantasy of many women (and men) across the globe. He’s sustained a successful career as the frontman of his legendary rock band for more than three decades. Not to mention he seems to get better looking each year.

For that reason alone, his name has become fashionable in our offices when describing how our husbands, partners or latest Tinder conquests have delivered something positive. For example: “Oh, my husband made dinner last night and cleared up! He’s such a Graham Bon Jovi!”

…You get the idea. So, when this f*cked-up attempt at a tattoo blazed the internet a few months back, we couldn’t get enough. As tech communications experts, too, this speaks a lot about our profession.

Tech PR is a dark horse. It means many different things to different agencies and clients. For us, we put brands, companies and people in the international media. Whether in print, broadcast or online, the validation that comes from a recognized industry outlet mentioning your business is the best “street cred” for consumers.

We’re all consumers. And we want to know the people we are buying from, working with, or looking to invest in, are the real deal. PR helps to deliver this.

However, this is just one cog in the machine that is brand messaging. In the good ‘ole days, some newspaper would write a story about how your company was doing and you’d get direct sales off the back of it. It just doesn’t work like that anymore. There is so much more competition and media noise with the advent of the internet, bloggers and social sharing that getting people to take notice of your PR takes quite a bit of effort. 

When developing a communications strategy, PR is a great resource to quickly gain credibility, and help establish a reputable brand. But alone, it’s not enough. Your PR must become part of an integrated comms strategy, or you’ll never see a return on the investment. PR is a catalyst to give authority to a brand and the persons supporting the brand.

Using social channels in a dynamic and impacting way is crucial. There are hundreds to choose from and you don’t need to use them all, just a few of the most popular to get started. Journalists default to social media today to gauge whether a tech-focused brand is dynamic, offering customer service and responsive to industry news. If your tech company isn’t delivering on social, it’s an indicator to many journalists that your business probably won’t succeed, and will be gone in a few months, so why bother writing about you or your business.

Growing an authoritative voice through sponsored content is equally influential. You can reach mass audiences through social and push your own thought leadership content. The CEO of a corporation or  founder of a startup both have opinions, insight and inspiring ideas to share on how their product or services can benefit a user or organization. By being able to freely produce and share this content through blogging and social channels, it puts branded content in front of an international and engaged audience in a way never possible before. The content is incredibly valuable to your projected clientele, but the messaging must be succinct, engaging and shareable. This is where many of our clients have struggled, and why they’re learning the importance of an integrated strategy, supported upfront by the gold-dust that is tech PR.

In the words of Jon: “it’s now or never!” Now is the time to start thinking about company messaging as a sales tool and a complement to the user journey. The strategy must be thoughtful, relevant and flexible enough to respond to industry news that influences your business. And at the end of the day, it needs to be grammatically accurate and interesting enough for someone to spend a precious and fleeting two minutes to read. Because, let’s be fair, we are all inundated with messaging all day long and to take centre stage takes a lot of talent. Of course, if you need help, just let us know.


Trudy Darwin is Managing Partner of international tech PR agency, Luminous PR. To learn more, email us at hello@luminouspr.com