07 Jul 2017

10 Tips To Running A Business Facebook Page

We all know social media is one of the best ways to gain traction for a business. (Aside from PR)

Plus its free so especially great for start-ups.

Thus, we’ve started a little series to help you gain the most from all social channels. Welcome, Episode 1 – Facebook.


1. Make your profile picture & cover photo accurate.

Your profile picture & cover photo are the first things people see when searching for you to your industry.

Make sure you use your logo or the closest representation for your profile picture for people to identify your brand.

Make sure all measurements are correct, not pixellated or cut off.

Your cover photo is at the top of your page and it’s quite big (Equal to the banner on a website)

Make sure your cover photo is representative of your brand but fun and engaging to keep people on your page.

If people aren’t excited by your brand visually they won’t bother to start to look into the content.


2. Having a call to action.

Having a business Facebook page is another way to aid in the growth of your business.

In order for page views to turn into business growth, these people need a way to contact you.

Making sure you have a call to action on a business page is crucial!

Whether it’s a call now or an email address, having a way to get in touch is the priority.


3. About you section.

The about me page is where people can understand what you offer.

When setting up your business page there are 6 categories you can pick from.

Make sure you select the correct industry to optimise your target audience.

Don’t worry if your page is already set up you can always go in and change this setting.


4. Pinned posts.

And now it’s time to post.

A pinned post will always stay at the top of your Facebook page. (Until un-pinned)

You want to keep this as your best achievement or the latest piece of coverage.

Something that shows why people should be using your business.

What’s the one post you want to make sure a potential customer doesn’t miss? Pin it!


5. High quality less often.

All social networks are quite different from the amount of content you want to be pushing. Facebook is on the lower end of that spectrum.

With Facebook, you wanting be posting less often but a high quality of content.

With Facebook, you should be posting 1-3 times a day at most.

Make your post interesting and engaging. Keep your content fun and relevant but also useful.

Remember the thing about Facebook is people can share – everyone wants to go viral!

However, make sure to keep on top of your page. Don’t let your page go stale and lose traction, constant upkeep and relationship building is key.


6. The best time to post.

Business and personal Facebook pages are very different in this respect.

The best time to be posting on your business account has been shown to be between 1-4pm. With most people active and engaged during these hours.

Keeping your post between this time can help gain the most coverage, reaching the most people. Posting outside of these hours may result in your post getting lost and less engagement.

However, we do recommend doing a small test internally. Post at a range of times and keep track of engagement and interaction results.

Each industry is slightly different so spend a little time figuring out the time that works best for you.


7. Keep it visual.

Stats show that visual posts (Including Images and video) have 94% more views and 65% more engagement.

Those stats are pretty great, using engaging images or short clips to help spark interest.

There are many free and easy to use programs to help create a professional looking image in minutes.

As we said earlier if people don’t find adage visually interesting they won’t go further. Don’t lose customers through lack of imagery.


8. Being quick to respond.

A business Facebook page is for your customers. You probably already have your personal Facebook to look at cat fail videos.

Make sure you keep a keen eye on any customer interaction and be quick to respond.

Whether replying to a private message or responding to a comment, each customer matters.

Start to build relationships with customers and build positive reviews.

Facebook shows the average time it takes a business to respond to customers. Keep an eye on your time to make sure you’re above your competitors.


9. Joining relevant groups.

Facebook has so much more behind the scenes that we often miss.

Facebook has industry specific groups that help you engage with your target audience.

Use the search bar to find relevant groups. Join relevant groups and post your content (always linking back to your own site.)

Interact with other posts in the group to build relationships and become part of the community.


10. Sharing useful content.

Have you ever noticed the posts that go viral (other than videos of people failing) are relatable and/or helpful?

Take the whole ‘Tasty’ group – simple, short, easy to follow video recipes and now each video is watched by millions.

Because their content is useful, people will share. Bringing greater exposure for your business. Give the people what they want.

We all love a good freebie.


We recommend taking your time and gradually building up your social community. It takes time to grow a loyal customer base but when done correctly can bring huge benefits for your business.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more of our social media series for business.

Let us know via @LuminousPR what platform you want to see next!